The Saxon Stories book series by Bernard Cornwell served as the inspiration for the British historical fiction television series The Last Kingdom.

Stephen Butchard created the television series, which made its BBC debut on October 10, 2015. The program was purchased by Netflix in 2018.

The last season of the five-season television series premiered on March 9, 2022. Seven Kings Must Die, a full-length prequel, has been made for Netflix.

What Is The Plot of The Last Kingdom?

The Saxon Stories of Bernard Cornwell has been adapted into the well-regarded television series The Last Kingdom. The television program closely follows Cornwell’s books in order to teach viewers about King Alfred the Great’s illustrious past.

This program is a must-see for anyone who likes the fantasy subgenre. It combines the historical details of the conflict between the Saxons and the Danes during the time when England was made up of numerous independent kingdoms rather than a single nation with action sequences, blood, guts, and gore that have come to be associated with other shows like the acclaimed Game of Thrones.

the last kingdom season 6

Since its debut on the BBC in 2015, the drama has followed the primary fictitious protagonist Uthred (played by Alexander Dreymo) for five seasons.

But the show seems to be over after a total of 46 episodes. However, keen-eyed viewers will notice that the conclusion of Season 5 does not correspond with the final Conrnwell book.

The first book of the epic 13-volume Saxon Stories series is titled The Last Kingdom, although the show has only so far covered the first 10 books.

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This is due to the fact that Bernard Cornwell had only published 9 volumes in the series at the time of the initial premiere in 2015. Therefore, the television series would only ever have five seasons, according to the show’s producers.

So, how will the show continue to tell the story of the previous three novels, as I’m sure you’re curious to know?

Will There Be A Season 6 Of The Last Kingdom?

the last kingdom season 6

There won’t be a second season of The Last Kingdom, despite much rumor regarding how the program will wrap up Cornwell’s tale.

Don’t worry, though, since instead of a new season, a feature film covering the final three Cornwell novels will be published, presumably tying up all the loose ends season 5 left us with.

Seven Kings Must Die, a two-hour movie that Netflix has announced, has been dubbed as a “standalone” finale to the show.

Why Is the Last Kingdom Ending with Season 5?

The choice to conclude The Last Kingdom with season 5 was made long before the show even began production and a long-term strategy for the overall plot was established.

Only nine of The Last Kingdom books had been released at the time of the series debut, and author Bernard Cornwell was hard at work on the tenth while the television version was being filmed.

The show was therefore always planned to terminate after its fifth season, as Dreymon explained that it was in no way canceled as some viewers had feared.

the last kingdom season 6

He stated, “That press release was a little bit misinterpreted. “No one was really surprised because we had always intended for it to only have five seasons.

That was the arc that we had planned out when there were only 10 volumes available. I’m pleased with how things turned out.”

The decision was made “jointly” by the distributor Netflix and the production firm Carnival, according to executive producer Marchant, who believes it was made at the “appropriate time.”

So, What’s Next for The Characters In The Last Kingdom?

You can rest easy knowing that Uhtred of Bebbanburg’s journey to reunite kingdoms isn’t over before you bang your fists on the table. Fans may anticipate Seven Kings Must Die, a Netflix movie that covers the final three books of the tale.

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Nigel Marchant, the executive producer, stated in a Radio Times interview that “The fifth season of the television show does seem like the finale, and the movie will be much more of a standalone. Fans of the TV show will especially enjoy it, but you can watch it even if you’ve never watched the program.”

Season 5 appears to conclude with everything resolved, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. With the war for Bebbanburg behind him, Uhtred is moving closer to realizing his father’s dream of unifying England.

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The final three books of The Saxon Stories will be brought to life for viewers, as anticipated. Things are far from finished for Uhtred’s trip with a furious king and a growing family.

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