Actor Jason David Frank, 49, has passed away. He was the original Green and White Power Rangers on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

 The website CBR claims that Frank has appeared in 257 episodes of the Power Rangers TV series. He’s also been in several movies as a lead actor, such as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995) and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997).

Legend of The White Dragon Release Date

The Power Rangers fan film he most recently worked on, Legend of the White Dragon, is set for release in 2023.

“Legend of The White Dragon” Cast

  1. Jason David Frank
  2. David Ramsey
  3. Mark Dacascos
  4. Aaron Schoenke
  5. Chalet Lizette Brannan
  6. Mayling Ng

Mark Dacascos (Xang), Cerina Vincent, Rachele Brooke Smith, Michael Madsen, Ciara Hanna, Andrew Bachelor, Tatiana Neva, Kevin Porter, Jason Faunt, Nicole Fong, Ciera Foster, Charlotte Benesch, Lola Blanc.

“Legend of The White Dragon” Plot

It seems like the film “Legend of the White Dragon” is a hub where fans of fantasy, science fiction, and dystopian action-thriller can all find something to their liking. The official synopsis describes the journey of a defeated warrior back to his home after the battle.

legend of the white dragon release date

For his part, Jason David Frank portrays Erik Reed, a.k.a. the White Dragon, a hero whose power source was destroyed in battle. Reed is determined to defeat the evil wreaking havoc in his home, despite not having access to the full extent of his powers and being shunned by the people he wasn’t strong enough to protect. Luck alone won’t be enough to restore his abilities and clear his name, though.

Although the premise is darker than anything Frank has done before, Erik Reed’s history is reminiscent of Tommy Oliver’s in “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” Fans will remember that after breaking free of Rita Repulsa’s (Barbara Goodson) mind control, the Green Ranger found redemption as the White Ranger. Frank’s role in the upcoming film should give him a chance to show off his martial arts abilities. In spite of the fantastical backdrop, the story’s central moral is grounded in the real world.

Legend of The White Dragon Teaser

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