The kidnapping of American researcher Amber Chesborough (Jessica Ann Collins) near the Colombian and Venezuelan borders is at the heart of Apple TV+’s third season of Echo.

Her brother, Sergeant Alex “Bambi” Chesborough (Luke Evans), and her new husband, Sergeant Prince Haas (Michiel Huisman), both of a U.S. Army special forces team, are in charge of the high-stakes rescue mission. The Season 1 finale of Echo 3 will air on January 13, and Apple TV+ has not yet announced whether or not the show will return for a second season.

Both the novel by Amir Gutfreund, When Heroes Fly, published in 2008, and the Israeli television series by Omri Givon, released in 2018, serve as sources for this drama. Mark Boal, the creator of Echo 3 and writer/producer of Oscar winners The Hurt Locker (2008) and Zero Dark Thirty (2011), is aiming for a lengthier run than the Israeli adaptation, which lasted only one season.

In December 2022, when asked by Variety about the possibility of a second season, he said, “I feel pretty good about how the show’s performing” because “it was envisioned as a multi-season thing.”

While you wait for confirmation one way or the other, here’s all you need to know about Echo 3 Season 2.

The Echo 3 Season 2 Potential Premiere Date

The Echo 3 Season 2 Potential Premiere Date

In an interview with Variety, Boal revealed that the first season’s 10 episodes were shot on location in Colombia and the United States “over more than 200 days.”

Production reportedly ran from June 2021 until February 2022, with a release date set for November 2022. If the show is renewed, we probably won’t see Season 2 until 2024. More information about Echo 3 Season 2 will be added here when it becomes available.

The Echo 3 Season 2 Cast

In addition to Evans, Huisman, and Collins, the first season also featured James Udom (Mitch), Martina Gusmán (Violeta Matiz), and Bradley Whitford (Eric Haas II), but no more casting announcements have been made as of yet. Boal, who made his TV debut with Echo 3, described the casting process as a “whole treasure hunt” in an interview with ScreenRant published that November.

He began by saying, “That decision of who you cast is hugely important, it’s probably the most important decision you can make as a filmmaker, so I took that hunt pretty seriously, and spent a lot of time on it,” and then went on to describe a conversation he had with Evans. As our conversation progressed, I came to the conclusion that he was the ideal partner for me.

The Echo 3 Season 2 Cast

Collins and Huisman experienced the “same thing,” as well. Aside from Michiel, “Jessica Collins has so much [talent], she’s so gifted as an actor, and so much [range], that kind of became a no-brainer as well,” Boal said.

As the director, “I really was focused on the people who would be not necessarily going for the, although Luke is quite prominent, not necessarily going purely for the household name, but really trying to think in terms of ability and synchronicity with the part.”

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As Season 1 of Apple TV+’s Echo 3, which follows the rescue mission of American researcher Amber Chesborough, draws to a close, viewers are left wondering whether or not there will be a Season 2. Mark Boal, the show’s creator, is hopeful that it will perform better than the Israeli version that served as inspiration.

It’s possible that the show won’t start filming until 2023 if it is renewed, and the cast hasn’t even been revealed yet. Boal stressed the significance of casting appropriately, with an eye on the actor’s skill and chemistry with the role.

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