In preparation for The Fall Guy filming, Ryan Gosling travels to Sydney with his wife Eva Mendes wearing a mismatched denim costume.

To start filming his forthcoming movie, The Fall Guy, Ryan Gosling arrived in Sydney on Thursday with his wife Eva Mendes and their daughters.

The Canadian actor, age 41, exited Sydney Airport with the assistance of security, who led him through the arrivals area. Gosling wore aviator sunglass and a green and grey cap to hide his identity.

He was wearing a light denim jacket and dark jeans and holding the hand of one of his daughters. While walking through the airport, his 48-year-old wife Mendes covered her mouth with a face mask and wore a hat as well.

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She was observed holding their second child’s hand, demonstrating her role as a fiercely protective mother bear. As she waved to adoring onlookers and photographers, Mendes seemed upbeat.

The family’s luggage, which was comprised of around eight bags placed over three trolleys, was not far behind. The majority of The Fall Guy’s filming will take place at Fox Studios in Moore Park, Sydney.

It happens one month after it was revealed that Emily Blunt, an actress, will be joining the cast.

Deadline reported the story about the 39-year-old actress in August and mentioned that Ryan Gosling would be in the film. The upcoming film, to be directed by David Leitch of John Wick fame, will be based on the same-named 1980s television series.

In the 1981 film The Fall Guy, a stuntman who doubled as a bounty hunter was the main character.

The Six Million Dollar Man star Lee Majors was in charge of the cast, which also featured Heather Thomas and Markie Post. The final season of The Fall Guy, which had a total run of five, ended in 1986.

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When work on the program’s movie version first started in 2010, Martin Campbell was considered for the role of director.

Later, after the concept had been shopped around, it was revealed that McG will helm the film three years from then. Dwayne Johnson was negotiating to play the lead role in the movie at the time.

When Gosling’s casting was confirmed, both members of the entertainment industry departed the project, which Leitch picked up in 2020.

Drew Pearce wrote the screenplay for the film; the two had previously worked together on the 2019 film Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw. The public is not allowed to know the specifics of the current adaptation of the program’s plot.

The Drive actor will serve as one of the project’s producers in addition to appearing in it. At this time, the premiere date for The Fall Guy is March 1, 2024.

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