Many amusing new memes have gone viral in 2021.

The top memes of the year are Anakin and Padme, Marie Callender Burnt Pie, and Bernie Sanders at Vice President Biden’s Inauguration.

Another well-known one is “You Should Kill Yourself… Now!” which, despite how horrible it sounds, is actually rather serious.

Where did the meme originate from in reality? Let’s investigate its genesis.

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What Is the ‘You Should Kill Yourself… Now! Meme?

You’ve probably seen the “You Should Kill Yourself… Now!” meme appears frequently on your Twitter feed during the past year if you use the service.


The image that became a meme shows a man, who is actually well-known YouTuber Low Tier God, engulfed in lightning.

It reads “You Should Kill Yourself… Now,” which is the title of the meme, next to his face.

Where did the photoshopped image come from when it initially appeared on Discord?

Origins of The Meme Explored

The meme is connected to the streams of YouTuber Dalauan Sparrow, also known as Low Tier God.

A player named Low Tier God competes in the Japanese video game series Street Fighter.

He stated to the other player during a Super Smash Bros. stream in April 2021, “You Should Kill Yourself… Now!” and it quickly became a meme.

The meme then became popular and was used to respond to events on social media.

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Low-Tier God Banned from Capcom Events

Shortly before the outburst, Japanese video game publisher and developer Capcom barred Low Tier God from attending any Capcom-affiliated events going forward.

This happened after a video of him criticizing another streamer leaked.

The video, which featured streamer CeroBlast who had just come out as non-binary, was unrelated to the “You Should Kill Yourself… Now!” outburst.

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