Friends of Cara Delevingne are pleading with her to enter rehab.

The model’s pals are reportedly pleading with her to enter rehab after she was recently observed acting abnormally at an airport.

According to TMZ on Friday, Cara Delevingne’s pals are “desperate” to want her to enter rehab because they are so worried about her.

According to sources who spoke with the publication, the supermodel’s friends are concerned that she may be dealing with both mental health and substance addiction problems.

Delevingne’s representatives have not responded to Page Six’s several attempts for comment.

Margot Robbie, the companion and co-star of the “Suicide Squad” actor, was spotted earlier this week leaving the model’s Los Angeles residence while appearing upset.

Robbie’s 32-year-old representatives have not addressed the reason for her apparent agitation, but the images of the actress sobbing have led to rumours that she and Delevingne, 30, are having significant problems.

According to an insider who spoke to TMZ on Friday, Robbie was obviously upset and for “good reason” because of what she allegedly witnessed at her friend’s house.

According to the source, the “Barbie” actress is one of the people who is “advocating” for Delevingne to enrol in a treatment centre.

Delevingne has only admitted to using drugs occasionally in the past; she has not stated whether she is currently struggling with addiction. But the “Paper Town” actor’s recent actions have raised questions.

Cara Delevingne's Pals Are "Desperate" to Want Her to Enter Rehab!

She originally gained the reputation of a party girl in March when she was observed acting “very drunk” at a party in New York.

Most recently, she appeared dishevelled, behaved erratically, and even skipped a New York Fashion Week event that she was scheduled to attend while at the Californian Van Nuys Airport.
She’s been working so hard lately, and it’s certainly costing her.

They are all “extremely concerned,” a close friend of Delevingne said last week in an interview with The Sun.

According to the insider, “there is talk of staging some sort of intervention and making sure Cara receives the care she may very well need.”

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