Jake Paul’s $1 million sparring challenge to UFC lightweight contender Paddy Pimblett has been accepted, but he won’t travel before his bout on December 10.

“Challenge accepted,” Pimblett said in a video posted by ESPN’s Marc Raimondi, “But I’m not going to Puerto Rico when I’m fighting next Saturday. If you wanna come and spar, get to the PI [UFC Performance Institute] next week. As I say, I fight Saturday, I’ll chill Sunday, and I’ll beat you up Monday. Offer’s there.”

Pimblett accused Paul of fixing his boxing matches – including his points win against UFC great Anderson Silva last month. After his comments on his fight with Silva, Jake challenged him.

Paddy Pimblett Accepts Jake Paul's $1 Million "Spar Me" Challange

“They are a gang of idiots,” Pimblett told “Pub Talk” when asked about the YouTube boxing scene. “I’ll give Jake Paul his due now, he’s training (so) much that he probably could beat professional boxers. He’s got unlimited funds and he hasn’t got to do anything else.”

In spite of my belief that Paul’s conflicts are predetermined, Pimblett said, “Paul is actually not that awful today.” Then he used Paul’s decision victory over MMA great Anderson Silva as an illustration of how battles are predetermined.

Pimblett’s assertion was met with Paul’s response: a five-round boxing match lasting three minutes each. Pimblett stands to get $1 million from a victory. The English MMA fighter will be required to join Paul’s United Fighters Association and assist in the recruitment of fighters in the United Kingdom if Paul prevails.

With four knockouts, Paul has a 6-0 professional boxing record. Paul criticized Nate Diaz, a current free-agency combat fighter after Silva was defeated last month.

Paddy Pimblett Accepts Jake Paul's $1 Million "Spar Me" Challange

The co-main event fight at UFC 282 versus Jared Gordon is presently scheduled for Pimblett. Since joining the UFC, Pimblett is 3-0 with victories via submission in all three of his contests, including a July Fight Night event victory over Jordan Leavitt.

Who do you think would come out on top if these two stepped into the ring together? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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