The Liver King has been exposed for using steroids after shocking emails were released, exposing him for using excessive levels of PEDs, in what can only be characterized as “The Worst Day in American History.”

Just take a moment to breathe, everyone. I understand that this is a trying moment for everyone, but the King is nothing more than a steroid addict. He is known for pushing his brand of a holistic lifestyle, ancestral values, and eating raw meat on TV.

The public would have never known that the Liver King was using steroids if it weren’t for hacked emails between him and his personal trainer. The King totally deceived the whole world into believing that eating only liver and sleeping on the dirt was entirely normal and that if we all followed his road of virtue, we could all look like him.

The Liver King Leaked Emails

Who exposed Liver King’s steroid intake?

Derek Fitness, a gentleman, managed to catch Liver King.

I’m curious about how much time and effort he put into his research. The scoop of the century has to be “The Liver King Lie.” Without his diligence and hard labor, The Liver King would have appeared to be entirely natural.

I never imagined there would be a bigger email scandal than the one involving Hilary Clinton’s missing emails, but what do you know, Liver King’s emails were revealed on the same day that the USMNT reclaimed the top spot in the Best in the World Standings. This means that everything we previously believed about him was a complete and total LIE.

I must admit that using the email name “Brian Johnson (Liver King)” is hysterical.

But I think we can all agree that he is no longer The Liver King and is now just another Brian Johnson living in America.

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