Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are commemorating their nuptial sweet sixteen together.

On their anniversary of being married, the pair shared photos of themselves together on their individual social media profiles as a sign of their affection.

Nicole Kidman, 55, shared a throwback image of the bride and groom lighting a candle together on their wedding day in 2006.

She captioned a picture that was published on Saturday with the phrase “Sweet XVI.” “As if it were yesterday, keep this in mind. Forever.”

Previously, the Big Little Lies actress gushed on CBS Mornings about her romance with Urban.

“The nicest thing that has ever occurred to me was when I later in life met him. The finest thing to ever happen to me was that man, “She stated this in January.

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Mark 16th Anniversary Wedding Throwback

Keith Urban also reflected on how, since marrying Kidman and becoming a father to their two girls, he’s changed and stopped going out.

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“These days, life is really different. He told The Sun last month: “I have made so many mistakes, but you have to figure out what works for you.

I’m trying to provide a good example for the kids, but I still don’t know if I’m getting it right. I constantly tell them to pursue their passions, as long as they put in the necessary effort to make it happen.”

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Mark 16th Anniversary Wedding Throwback

“Nic and I put forth a lot of effort. It felt to me like I was double-paying my fees. I worked my way up via the clubs in Australia to secure a record deal, and when I moved to the US, I had to start from scratch again.

Fortunately, the second time around everything went smoothly “Urban said.


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