American French romantic comedy television series Emily in Paris showed Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) as Emily’s (Lilly Collin) love interest, although Lucas was dating Camille, which made it difficult for Lilly to build a relationship with Lucas.

Since there have been a lot of talks about the series one of the most acclaimed couples, many of their fans are believing that Lucas and Lilly are dating in real life and are happy with each other. Let’s see, how genuine is this information, or is it simply a rumor? Keep reading to know the answer

Are Lucas Bravo and Lilly Collins Dating in Real Life?

Is Emily in Paris Co-Stars Lucas Bravo and Lily Collins Dating in Real Life?

In short, no. Both Lucas and Lilly aren’t dating each other. Meanwhile, they both have good chemistry on and off the camera and enjoy spending a lot of time with each other, but they never spoke a word about any of their romantic relations.

So clearly, we can admit the thing that it is nothing more than a rumor, they both are good friends and enjoying their own life.

Who is Lucas Bravo dating in 2022?

Is Emily in Paris Co-Stars Lucas Bravo and Lily Collins Dating in Real Life?

As of now, in 2022, Lucas is not dating anyone and currently, he is single. It may be possible that the Ticket to Paradise star is dating privately, but he never gave any official update on his relationship status, nor he was involved in any dating scenario, so it is safe to assume that he is enjoying a single life.

Interestingly, back in 2021, some rumors sparked that the 34-year-old French actor is reportedly dating Warrior Nun actress Alba Baptista, as they both were spotted together enjoying a few days away on vacation.

Meanwhile, these all are just a rumor, unless Lucas himself confirms anything about his relationship status, till then we should admit that the “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris” star is currently single.

Who is Lilly Collins dating in 2022?

Lilly Collins has been in a healthy relationship with Charlie McDowell since July 2019. The duo created a lot of memories with each other, and after spending more than a year together, Lilly announced her engagement to McDowell in September 2020.

The couple tied the knot on 4 September 2021 at the Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado, and a couple of months ago, they celebrated a first marriage anniversary, where Lilly shared a post writing: A year ago today, I chose my forever tomorrow. Having you by my side to have and to hold is the greatest gift I could have ever hoped for. I’d walk with you anywhere, talk to you about anything and travel the world with you anytime.

She added: 365 days with you flew by so fast, thank goodness we have a lifetime together. Happy first anniversary my one. I adore you @charliemcdowell. And I love you with the deepest parts of my soul…


Despite their good chemistry both on and off the set, Lucas and Lilly are nothing more than friends. Lucas, who keeps his life private, has no interest in relationships and hasn’t been involved in such cases.

On the other hand, Lilly enjoys her time with her husband Charlie McDowell, whom she married in September 2021. Although Emily in Paris season 3 is coming next month, on December 21, 2022, and surely fans will witness a romantic connection between Emily and Gabriel.

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