In the words of Jason Gaskell, “I’d never work with Storm” Once more below deck as his exit is hinted at

There has already been a tonne of drama for viewers of Below Deck Mediterranean’s seventh season, which is currently airing. Things are getting strained due to relationships between charter guests and staff members as well as a breakup between Chief Stew Natasha Webb and Chef Dave White.

Storm Smith was promoted, Courtney Veale returned to the show to work on deck, and Bosun Raygan Tyler was fired as a result of Captain Sandy Yawn’s prior decision to do so. What has happened to Jason Gaskell’s place on deck after he threatened to abandon the boat, however, is the key query from supporters.

Does the deckhand follow through on leaving the ship early as a result of their ongoing disagreements, or does Jason stick around with the crew for the remainder of the charter season?

Does Jason Gaskell depart from Below Deck Medical?

There have been numerous hardships and battles for the crew on deck since season 7 debuted earlier in July. After Raygan was let go, Storm assumed responsibility as the Provisional Bosun (he eventually received a promotion to the role of Bosun) and seemed to get along well with the rest of the crew.

Does Jason Gaskell depart from Below Deck Medical?

He and Jason, however, have frequently disagreed over knots, polishing, and breaks. Jason hasn’t really grown close to the staff on deck and has also had problems with Mzi or Courtney.

Jason will allegedly come to blows with his boss at some point throughout the season. In a moment while the two are on the deck, Jason tells Storm, “Replace me. “Bring someone else in right now, I’m telling you,”

It is currently unknown, with more episodes to come, whether Jason will eventually depart the boat early or if he will stick around with the crew for the entire charter season.

Jason Would “Never” Work with Storm Again

Fans of Below Deck Med will have to wait to find out what triggered the argument with Storm, but it appears to be juicy.

Even though Season 7’s production is finished in the fall of 2021, it appears that Jason and Storm still have some unresolved issues. On Watch What Happens Live in August of 2022, the deckhand was asked whether there was anyone on the crew he would steer clear of working with in the future by host Andy Cohen.

Which of your team members, besides Raygan, would you never want to work with again? During a round of “Toenailing the Line,” Andy questioned.

Jason Slams the Show for A “Bad Edit”

Jason inadvertently criticized the show for making him seem terrible with a “poor edit” a few weeks back on his Instagram. Since then, he removed all of his social media.

Show Star News claims that even though the post vanished, Jason addressed Storm’s swimming away from him while barking commands at him.

He insisted that because he was far away from Storm and there were 15-knot winds, Storm couldn’t be heard by anyone but himself due to the strong gusts.

After episode 8 aired and Storm accused Jason of incorrectly tying a bowline knot, Jason went on to post a picture of the various bowline knot variations as an additional dig.

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