The first season of Outer Banks, an American action-adventure mystery teen drama, became a great hit on Netflix last year, and when Season 2 debuted in July 2021, it swiftly rose to the top of Netflix’s U.S. charts.

After the second season of the Outer Banks racked up 1,160 million views from August 9-15, according to Nielsen’s analysis of viewership, fans are wondering if the streaming behemoth has plans to release more episodes soon.

In Outer Banks, a group of Pogue teenagers set out in search of the legendary treasure linked to John B.’s missing father in a fictional coastal town in North Carolina where wealthy seasonal residents and working-class locals (nicknamed “Kooks” and “Pogues,” respectively) live in stark contrast to one another.

Those who have seen all ten episodes are aware that more elements are introduced and that the Season 2 finale did not conclude the complete plot, so they are eager to learn whether or not Netflix will renew the show for a third season and when the new episodes might be made accessible.

Learn more about Outer Banks Season 3 and where to find it, as well as its cast, plot, and trailers, right here.

Release Date

By 2023, the band’s return is scheduled.

Pictures marking the start of filming Season 3 of Outer Banks were uploaded to the show’s official accounts on February 28. Based on that beginning date, we anticipate a release sometime in the first half of 2023.

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Who Is Coming Back for Outer Banks Season 3, and Who Is New?

Their fans can look forward to the Pogues’ eventual return:

Voici Chase Stokes en guise de John B. Routledge.

In the role of Prime Minister Sarah Cameron, Madeleine Cline

She is played by Madison Bailey.

As Pope Heyward, Jonathan Daviss

Cast as J.J. Maybank, Rudy Pankow is Rudy Pankow.

Playing Cleo is Carlacia Grant.

Charles Esten (Ward), Drew Starkey (Rafe), Julia Antonelli (Wheezie), Caroline Arapoglou (Rose), Austin North (Topper), Elizabeth Mitchell (Carla Limbrey), Samantha Soule (Anna Carrera), Gary Weeks (Luke), and Charles Halford (Big John, John B.’s father) are also likely to return.

Relatedly, Outer Banks’ cast would love for Spider-Man actor Tom Holland to guest star on the Netflix show.

If Netflix gives Outer Banks Season 3 the go-ahead, then we may expect to meet some brand-new faces in the cast.

The show advertised for extras in May of 2022 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Netflix revealed the addition of three new cast members in June 2022 for Season 3 of Outer Banks. Deadline reports that Andy McQueen (Mrs. Davis, Station Eleven), Fiona Palomo (Control Z, La Negociadora), and Lou Ferrigno Jr. (S.W.A.T., Stargirl) have all joined the cast of the teen drama series for its upcoming third season.

Armando Bacot, a star basketball player for UNC, has announced he would appear in at least one episode of OBX 3, and he spoke about the experience of filming it during UNC’s Summer Media Day.

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Outer Banks: Season 3 Preview and Thoughts on Netflix

Let’s quickly review what happened in Outer Banks Season 2 and where the third season will pick up.

Since Pope now wants back his stolen golden cross, the fight between the Camerons and the Pogues will most certainly continue.

Pope warns that they are not safe until they reach the deserted island they have been escaping to. They choose to remain on that island, but time is running out for them because their loved ones have already reported them missing.

It’s also possible that Pope will keep digging into his family’s history with the Cross of Santo Domingo.

Most notably, Ward Cameron pretended to die in Season 2 and is now attempting to disappear. Even though John B spares his life at the end of the second season, Ward is certain to play a significant role in the struggle coming ahead; the question is whether or not he will be apprehended.

How and why Big John is back in season 3’s biggest mystery. He makes a passing reference to knowing the location of the Cross of Denmark despite being “half-dead.” Can we predict what kind of future influence he will make? We’ll just have to see what happens.

For Season 3, what have the actors and creators hinted at? Here is a recap:

The following is what Josh Pate said to EW about Big John:

John B.’s relationship with his father is central to the story, as is the recurrence of that relationship; in the end, the two will reunite, and John B. will have to choose between his idealized memory of his father and the man he actually knew in life. We have a lot of material to deal with in terms of themes involving fathers and sons.

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Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke have all stated that the Pogues are “down but not out,” implying that they will immediately resume their pursuit of a Grammy.

Madelyn Cline told ET that they would ideally discover more about their marriage this coming season.

If season 3 happens, I’m looking forward to seeing them start to get to know each other on a deeper level. In spite of their marriage, they don’t really know much about one another. In my opinion, that would be loads of fun. Both of them have certainly been through a lot together.

The third season will have a “vibe shift,” as hinted by Chase Stokes in an interview with EliteDaily: “The authors really like to keep us on our toes, and I think it creates performances that capture you at the moment…” Beyond the scenes we shot in Barbados, I have no idea what is happening. However, I do believe that many loose ends will soon be resolved. There will be a great deal of clarity restored. And as always, these kids are headed for a tough ride.

WGTC reported in September 2022 that body double Travis Garret Long promised “lots of action” and “a lot of resolution for some of the demands and requirements of viewers” in the upcoming season.


Tudum not only gave us Season 3’s release date but also a sneak peeks at the season’s upcoming trailer. The Pogues’ situation, being marooned on an island and everything, initially appears hopeful. Until we see the vehicle chases, hand-to-hand battle, and immediate peril that await the OBX pals in Season 3, it’s all coconuts and puka shells.

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