The One-Punch Man anime will return for Season 3 and is now in production, according to Crunchyroll, after a protracted wait. An official statement from the show’s website was translated by the streaming service into Japanese.

Season 2, which adapted more manga stories, premiered in Japan in 2019, followed by an English release on Hulu in the fall of 2019, and completion in early 2020. Chikashi Kubota, a character designer, will be working on Season 3, but nothing else about the people involved or the stories that will be featured in the upcoming episodes is currently known.

According to Crunchyroll, there is presently no information available about the returning cast, crew, or studio. However, a season poster that was unveiled may provide some hints.

One Punch Man was first published as a webcomic by Japanese artist ONE in 2009. It immediately found enough success to also be turned into a manga and then a TV anime series. (A console game and a mobile game came after.) Lin will collaborate on the adaptation with Avi and Ari Arad of Arad Productions (Spider-Man film series, X-Men film series).

One Punch Man Is Back With A Bang As Season 3 Is Confirmed!

Saitama, a miserly loser who finds an amazing exercise regimen that transforms him into an unstoppable superhero who can essentially destroy any opponent with a single punch, is the protagonist of the television series.

As One Punch Man, Saitama is both disinterested in the Hero Association, which has hired him to help defend Earth from all nefarious forces, and bored by the lack of any real threats to his strength.

One Punch Man will be adapted into a live-action film for Sony Pictures, it was revealed in June after director Justin Lin abruptly left Fast X.

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