There are several different noises that play repeatedly while you scroll through your TikTok For You Page.

Wishing one possessed a time machine Some of the most popular audio clips taking over TikTok in March 2022 are the ones that say, “I don’t have time for this,” and the weird meowing and barking routine.

Another is cute and hilarious “I’m just a baby” sound, but whence does it originate? Read on to learn more.

“I’m Just a Baby” Goes Viral

Due to its absurdly adorable quality and equally absurdity, the “I’m just a baby” sound is currently dominating TikTok.

In this exchange, a mother tells her child that they must pay attention to what she is saying. This is a dilemma that every mother on the planet faces on a daily basis.

When the mother first tries to correct the child, she says, “Coco, when mummy says stop, you say alright.” The daughter responds, “I’m just a baby.”

Afterward, the mother says, “but you still have to say okay, mummy,” to which the youngster retorts angrily, “I’m just a baby!”

When owners started playing the sound with their adorable pets in February 2022, it began to go viral. It’s currently the latest funny fad.

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What Location the Sound Is From

‘I’m Just a Baby’ Tik Tok Sound Goes Viral! Where Does It Come From?

A popular TikTok video that was uploaded on February 20, 2022, is where the sound is from.

The clip shows a mother speaking to her daughter and was posted by a TikTok user going by the handle @little.blooming.women.

She is telling the young girl, who is wearing a gorgeous denim outfit, to follow her instructions while holding her in her arms.

The young girl, however, blatantly believes that, despite being a baby, she is exempt from listening. Coco, I apologize, but that’s not how it works.

With 41.6 million views, the humorous video is still dominating TikTok in March.

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Meet the Family

Jordan, a mother of four small children from the Midwest, posted the video.

She defines herself as a “midwest mama and home educator to four daughters” and has over 77,000 followers on TikTok.

Despite just having four videos up on TikTok, she directs viewers to her Instagram page where she posts cute pictures from her life.

Jordan homeschools her four lovely girls and frequently publishes pictures of their everyday activities on social media.

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