Memes are being shared as a response to the violence that occurred at the Capitol building yesterday. The greatest of the best are gathered here!

While Congress was meeting to officially certify Joe Biden’s election victory, chaos broke out in Washington yesterday (January 6th) as Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building.

Following the start of riots on Wednesday shortly after 1 pm ET, there have been four confirmed fatalities and 52 arrests.

A plethora of memes has hit Twitter as a result of many social media users finding humor in the tragic altercation. Here is a compilation of all the most well-liked Capitol jokes.

Capitol Riot Memes: 21

This is how US Capitol security appeared to be…

Amazing that they assaulted the Capitol!

Trying to find my Stimmy check in the Capitol, like…

Footage of the Capitol’s security in real-time.

Accessing these password journals was more difficult than entering the Capitol.

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Who else learned about the riots via TikTok?

These would provide the necessary security to enclose the Capitol.

I’m trying to incorporate all the Capitol memes before they stop being funny.

Capitol Hill police are stopping the demonstrators.

The protesters resembled Tarantino in every way.

Protection of the US Capitol.

After learning what occurred in Washington, everyone is preparing to invade Area 51.

The game Call of Duty is genuinely taking shape.

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Capitol-related memes are all over Twitter.

Capitol’s top security official.

America after being questioned over the security breach at the Capitol.

The solution to everything is to make memes.

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