After their film’s sad cancellation, Michael Keaton gave the Batgirl directors a signed copy of the official Batman Returns movie book.

A special book has been given to the Batgirl directors by Michael Keaton. Barbara Gordon, or Batgirl, was finally set to join the DC Extended Universe with a solo movie directed by Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah of Bad Boys for Life, with a script written by Christina Hudson of Birds of Prey and The Flash. This was after going through numerous creative revisions.

Leslie Grace, who played the major role in In the Heights, was in talks to take over for Keaton, who would return as Batman, and J.K. Simmons, who would portray Commissioner Jim Gordon. Prior to Warner Bros.’ announcement earlier this week, the movie was in good hands when filming ended in March.

Batgirl Directors Sign A Movie Book That Michael Keaton Is Giving Away!

Batgirl had been shelved, as disclosed by Discover in an unusual move.

An instantaneous outrage resulted from the decision, with fans and Hollywood celebrities denouncing the action and calling for its reversal.

WB later issued a formal statement regarding the cancellation of Batgirl, emphasizing that the film was shelved because the newly created conglomerate WBD is revising the studio’s streaming release plan.

After the WBD news release, El Arbi and Fallah spoke out about the cancellation of Batgirl, expressing their disappointment and asserting that they ought to be able to showcase their work.

Many influential people in the industry, like Kevin Feige and James Gunn, have since shown their support to the directors. The cast of the movie is also sticking with the directors through this difficult period.

Following the cancellation of Batgirl, El Arbi has revealed how Keaton encouraged the directing team. On his Instagram story, the director shared the thoughtful gift Keaton delivered to him and Fallah.

The present in question is an autographed copy of the Batman Returns movie book that Keaton has personalized with a note of appreciation and recognition. Look at the image El Arbi posted below.

The gesture is undoubtedly heartfelt coming from a veteran like Keaton and shows the directors how much they are appreciated.

Batgirl Directors Sign A Movie Book That Michael Keaton Is Giving Away!

In the past, there had been rumors that the early screenings of Batgirl had tested poorly, but those rumors have now been refuted.

Keaton’s acknowledgment of El Arbi and Fallah’s contributions now further supports the notion that Batgirl was not as horrible as initially thought and that the actor did enjoy returning to his role as Batman in the movie.

In a sign of their utmost respect for his performances in Burton’s films, the directors have frequently referred to Keaton as the “OG Batman.”

The gift from Keaton demonstrates the actors and directors’ esteem for one another; even if they were unable to showcase their effort onscreen, their off-screen teamwork was nonetheless a success.

In Batgirl, Keaton’s portrayal of Batman was eagerly anticipated; however, now that the film has been postponed, his DCEU future is unclear.

Although Keaton is still set to appear in The Flash, Ben Affleck is rumored to have taken over his Aquaman 2 role, and there are also allegations that DC is not keen on continuing their collaboration with him.

However, the actor and El Arbi and Fallah have undoubtedly become close, and this relationship may one day result in the three of them working together.

There are many things that everyone has lost as a result of the failure of Batgirl, but the friendships formed behind the scenes are solid and enduring, and the entire Batgirl team will treasure them for days to come.

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