The iCarly reboot has been a delightful treat for fans of the original Nickelodeon series. Bringing back familiar faces and introducing new dynamics, the show has successfully captured the essence of the beloved classic while adding a modern twist.

iCarly reboot

As viewers eagerly follow the adventures of Carly Shay and her friends, the anticipation for the fourth season continues to grow. In this article, we explore the release date of iCarly reboot Season 4 and the exciting expectations it brings.

The Success of the iCarly Reboot

The iCarly reboot has undoubtedly been a resounding success, winning the hearts of both longtime fans and new audiences through its perfect blend of nostalgia and contemporary themes.

The Success of the iCarly Reboot

With strong viewership numbers and critical acclaim, the show has proven to be a triumphant return to the beloved Nickelodeon classic. The engaging storytelling, relatable characters, and impeccable chemistry among the cast members have played a pivotal role in its popularity.

Additionally, the reboot’s commitment to inclusive representation, featuring characters from diverse backgrounds, has resonated with audiences and reflects the importance of authentic portrayal in modern media.

Moreover, the show’s active presence on social media, with cast and crew interacting with fans and sharing behind-the-scenes content, has fostered a strong sense of community and excitement among viewers. As the iCarly reboot continues to delight audiences, it is evident that it has successfully captured the magic of the original series while creating a fresh and relevant narrative for today’s generation.

iCarly Reboot Season 4 Cast

Apart from Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, and Laci Mosley, other core members of the iCarly cast like Jerry Trainor (Spencer) and Jaidyn Triplett (Millicent) are expected to return for Season 4.

iCarly Reboot Season 4 Cast

While it’s uncertain which other actors might make a comeback, Season 3 featured guest appearances from actors like Josh Peck (Paul), James Maslow (Shane), Hannah Stocking (Sunny Johnson), Reed Alexander (Nevel Papperman), Mary Scheer (Mrs. Benson), Tim Russ (Principal Johnson), Jeremy Rowley (Lewbert), and many others.

iCarly Reboot Season 4 Release Date

While Paramount+ has yet to officially announce the release date for iCarly Reboot Season 4, we can look at the premiere dates of the previous seasons for a clue. The first three installments of the reboot dropped in either April or June. This suggests that Season 4 may follow a similar pattern, potentially premiering in the spring or summer of the next year.

The potential delay in the production of iCarly Season 4 might be influenced by the ongoing WGA (Writers Guild of America) and SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) strikes.

Showrunner Ali Schouten has actively supported these strikes, advocating for residuals for previously aired episodes and participating in picket lines alongside cast members like Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress. On July 18, Jaidyn Triplett, who plays Millicent on the show, sang the iCarly theme song, “Leave It All to Me,” for the picketers, turning it into a labor anthem, as proclaimed by the iCarly Writers account.

Teasers from the Cast

During an interview with J-14, the iCarly cast provided some tantalizing hints about the possibility of a Season 4. They teased that fans will want Season 4 “more than anything” after the finale of Season 3. While this doesn’t confirm anything, it’s an encouraging sign that the cast is optimistic about the show’s future.

Teasers from the Cast

Speculation and Fan Theories

As with any highly anticipated series, fans have been buzzing with speculation and theories about what may happen in Season 4 of the iCarly reboot.

Speculation and Fan Theories

Some fans have theorized that we may see the return of more familiar characters from the original series, while others are excited to explore new storylines and character development. While these theories are purely speculative, they showcase the passion and excitement surrounding the potential of Season 4.


While we eagerly await an official announcement from Paramount+ regarding iCarly Reboot Season 4, we can take comfort in the success of the revival and the hints dropped by the cast.

With the previous three seasons premiering in the spring or summer, it’s reasonable to anticipate a similar timeframe for Season 4. Until then, fans will continue to theorize and speculate about what’s next for Carly, Spencer, Freddie, and the rest of the gang. Stay tuned for updates on the release date and be ready to tune in for more hilarious and heartwarming adventures in the world of iCarly!

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