Metal finishes and fixtures have become popular in homes that embrace modern design trends. While you can choose a single metal for your kitchen and baths, that can get boring. This is why many homeowners pick multiple metals for finishing different rooms in a home. In this article, we will look at what designers say about picking the right metal finishes for your baths and kitchens.

Traditional Vs. Modern Finishes

Many designers consider silver the best metal for a traditional finish. When you look at the silver colour code, you will see that the colour is very close to the dull grey featured in many traditional homes.

When comparing metal finish options for traditional vs. modern homes, you should consider the exposed metal finishes in them. If your home has exposed stainless steel fixtures and appliances, interior design experts propose you stick with chrome or nickel.

You should also consider other colours in the kitchen or bath. For example, brass is better for homes with navy or black cabinets. The reason is that the contrast between the brass finishes and cabinets will look great in person and in photographs if you wish to sell the home later.

Brass Is Better for Homes with Earthy Colour Schemes

Many homeowners are now embracing understated, earthy tones like khaki for their interior walls. Brass has become very popular among homeowners who do this because it complements these more muted colours very well.

Gold does not work well here because it generally complements homes with warm colours due to its richer tones. However, it can be an interesting choice for those that embrace a warmer look and feel.

Expressive homeowners are also pairing gold with cooler walls and decor colour palettes. Doing this can create compelling designs and looks, but you have to be careful to choose the right wall, decor, and furniture colours if you do this.

A pairing that works unexpectedly well is one of natural marble or quartz countertops and gold or brass. You can also use these metal options in kitchens whose backsplashes are made of these natural stones because they catch their glow in interesting ways.

Chrome is the Most Versatile Metal Finish

The versatility of chrome becomes obvious when you see the many home decor and interior design projects that use it. It is a neutral material that reflects the different colours around it when polished. For this reason, it can work with almost any material and colour.

Its versatility also makes it an excellent option for both modern and traditional kitchens and baths. In modern ones, it looks right at home among the sleek and white materials used in their kitchens and baths. In more traditional homes, it fits in with the colours typically used on their walls and their coloured cabinetry.

To make it stand out, you should use it alongside natural stone so they can play off each other. The key is to ensure the natural stone and chrome fixtures complement each other even when they do not match each other.

Should You Mix Different Metal Finishes?

You should only do this if the metal finishes do not compete against each other. When pairing different finishes, choose ones that provide the same coolness and warmth.

Brass, bronze, and nickel all have a warm hue, so they can work together beautifully.

Polished gunmetal, black matter, and chrome can all work in the same space together. They do not compete because they have a similar style aesthetic.

Even when you choose metal finishes that complement each other, you should make sure they also complement the rest of the bath or kitchen. You should determine what look you are going for depending on the finishes you choose, and then use that to determine the aesthetic of more permanent fixtures or lighting.

To avoid overwhelming the space, consider secondary (non-metal) finishes for items that are easy to replace, like different accessories, other hardware, and mirrors.

Cost Should Be a Crucial Consideration

The cost of each metal finish varies and will impact your project’s budget differently. This means that you must keep the materials’ cost in mind whether you opt for a single metal finish or combine multiple options.

Metal finishes are a versatile option that can work well in both traditional and modern home designs. Consider how they fit into the space and other factors that might affect how they look like the walls’ colours, countertops, cabinets and backsplashes to ensure a cohesive look when you complete your kitchen or bath.

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