Get ready for a pulse-pounding experience as the French action-crime series, “Furies,” gears up for its OTT release. Directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, Samuel Bodin, and Laura Weaver, this upcoming masterpiece promises viewers a thrilling journey through the hidden underworld of Paris. In this article, we delve into the details of the release date, cast, and what the trailer reveals about this captivating revenge drama.

Setting The Premise For Furies

The stage is set beneath the glittering facade of Paris, a city that hides a dark and dangerous underworld. “Furies” unfolds a tale of entangled shadows, danger, and revenge.

furies series release date

Lyna, the protagonist, drawn by unknown forces, finds herself face-to-face with Furie, the mysterious and ruthless queen of the criminal underworld in Paris. Their encounter ignites a chain of events that will forever alter their destinies. The web of deceit and violence promises an immersive experience for viewers seeking a gripping crime-infused drama.

Furies OTT Release Date

Mark your calendars for March 1, 2024, as “Furies” is set to premiere exclusively on Netflix. This French revenge-crime drama is poised to take audiences on a breathless journey through the complexities of Lyna’s quest for vengeance.

furies series release date

The streaming platform promises to be the home for this cinematic masterpiece that explores the dark corners of Paris and the fierce battles waged within its criminal underbelly.

The Cast and Creators

“Furies” boasts a stellar cast that breathes life into its characters, ensuring a compelling and authentic narrative.

furies series release date

The cast includes Lina El Arabi, Marina Fois, Mathieu Kassovitz, Steve Tientcheu, Quentin Faure, Jeremy Nadeau, Sandor Funtek, Alex Brendemuhl, Anne Azoulay, and more. The creators, Jean-Yves Arnaud and Yoann Legave bring their vision to life, shaping the narrative with a blend of suspense, action, and drama.

Where to Watch Furies: Exclusively Unleashing on Netflix

As the anticipation for the French revenge-crime drama, “Furies,” reaches its peak, viewers can rejoice in knowing that the series will be exclusively available for streaming on Netflix.

furies series release date

The OTT giant is set to be the sole platform hosting the breathless actions, intricate plotlines, and stellar performances that make up the cinematic masterpiece. Mark your calendars for March 1, 2024, and prepare to immerse yourself in the enthralling world of “Furies” on Netflix, where the hidden underworld of Paris comes to life in this gripping tale of vengeance.

Unraveling the Trailer

The trailer for “Furies” offers a glimpse into the gripping narrative that awaits viewers. Lyna’s birthday celebration with her parents takes a disturbing turn as shocking violence erupts, hinting at the brutal demise of her family. The stark contrast between familial warmth and brutal reality sets the stage for a revenge crime drama that promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Lyna, played by Lina El Arabi, introduces Paris as the city of crime, unveiling a world where six powerful families are locked in a single business. Fury, portrayed as a lone sheriff with unwavering spirit and exceptional action skills, stands out amidst the chaos. The trailer showcases Lyna’s action-packed battles against underworld goons, highlighting her remarkable abilities. As Lyna vows to find the individual responsible for her parents’ deaths, viewers are left wondering: will Fury join forces with her in the quest for vengeance, or are there deeper secrets yet to be revealed?


As the countdown to March 1, 2024, begins, “Furies” promises to be a French tale of revenge that transcends borders. The series not only takes viewers on a journey through the captivating locales of Paris but also delves into the complexities of Lyna’s quest for justice.

With breathless actions, a stellar cast, and a narrative that unfolds against the backdrop of an underworld entangled in shadows, “Furies” is set to make a mark in the world of international crime dramas. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the unveiling of this enthralling series, exclusively on Netflix.

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