The adult swim animation TV series Smiling Friends, which was created by Michael Cusack and Zach Hadel, debuted in January 2022. Two of the most interesting and enjoyable characters in an animated TV show are Pim and Charlie, the co-creators two central characters.

Smiling Friends Season 2

There was a lot of excitement around Smiling Friends’ debut, and the episodes that were released certainly lived up to the anticipation. There are a few reasons why Smiling Friends season 2 is exactly what fans have been expecting to see, and these are the reasons why they are eager to learn more.

What is Smiling Friends All About?

The premise of Smiling Friends is really intriguing: the protagonists are employed by a firm that strives to make people happy. Pim (played by Michael Cusack) and Charlie (played by Zach Hadel), the two main protagonists, are a wonderful match since Pim sees the good in everything whereas Charlie doesn’t. Season 9 consists of nine episodes, and although each one introduces a new character, Charlie and Pim’s relationship remains constant.

Another well-liked animated TV show on Adult Swim is Rick and Morty. For lovers of Rick and Morty, Smiling Friends is a fantastic program that deserves more episodes in order to grow its fan base. Known for his role as the humorous Stranger Things character Mike Wheeler, Finn Wolfhard is one of the most prominent guest stars on the program. He makes a cameo appearance as Man Living in Wall.

As an adult swim cartoon series, Smiling Friends touches on some mature themes in certain of its episodes. In “Desmond’s Big Day Out,” the premiere episode, a character considers ending his own life. Pim and Charlie are there to assist. This first episode’s subject matter establishes the tone for the entire series and demonstrates that it won’t back down from challenging subjects.

What is Smiling Friends All About?

Even more ridiculous episodes of Smiling Friends exist, such as the one where the princess lives in the “Enchanted Forest” and the one where the frog wants to devour the journalist in “Mr. Frog” from episode 2. Smiling Friends is a show that aficionados of old adult swim shows should definitely check out. These shows can be seen on HBO Max.

Michael Cusack expressed his desire to maintain the show’s creative integrity to The Cinema Spot, as did co-creator Zach Radel. That is evident in each and every episode. Cusack stated, “It seems like the energy is just from us laughing at each other. Our entire passion is witnessing things that we have never seen before. Because of this, the show uses a variety of media, including 3-D elements and ridiculously detailed views from vintage cartoons. Our specialty is maintaining its novelty.”

“We always talk about how ideally, we can cut up the show into clips and they can stand alone as YouTube videos, the same way we used to make funny one- or two-minute YouTube clips,” Cusack added.

Will Season 2 of Smiling Friends be Released?

A second season of Smiling Friends is planned. Deadline revealed in February 2022 that the program had been renewed for a second season. Since then, though, there has been no word, leaving fans to speculate when it will debut.

Will Season 2 of Smiling Friends be Released?

In addition, Michael Cusack is the creator of YOLO: Silver Destiny, another excellent series. He recently discussed Smiling Friends season 2 with Game Rant. “Smiling Friends, I can’t say much except that it’s going really well,” Cusack remarked. We’re enjoying ourselves while working to improve upon season 1. Actually, I believe it will be superior to season 1!”

Why Is Smiling Friends Season 2 A Must-See For Animation Fans?

Smiling Friends season 2 is a must-watch for aficionados of animation because it features one of the best teams in animation. Even though Pip and Charlie aren’t as well-known as some other animation or cartoon characters, watching them together is entertaining.

Something goes wrong every time they try to assist someone, which just aggravates Charlie and inspires Pip to carry on. Even while the program occasionally tackles heavy themes, it’s still a humorous and endearing program that sets itself apart from other animated shows.

Why Is Smiling Friends Season 2 a Must-See For Animation Fans?

The inventiveness of Cusack and Randel is consistently evident, and every episode contains a few surprises. In the end, Smiling Friends appears fantastic, and viewers are eager to see more plots that highlight the endearing relationship between Pip and Charlie, the primary protagonists.

Nothing is worse than a TV show’s conclusion while its audience is still clamoring for more episodes. Many excellent Netflix series were in need of a second season. Thank goodness, Smiling Friends season 2 will happen. Simply put, it appears that there will be a slight wait for the upcoming episodes.

Where to Watch Smiling Friends Season 2

You can watch Smiling Friends online on the following streaming services:

  • HBO Max (United States)
  • DIRECTV (United States)
  • The Roku Channel (United States, with ads)
  • All 4¬†(United Kingdom)

If you are outside of the United States or the United Kingdom, you may need to use a VPN to access these streaming services.

You can also watch selected episodes of Smiling Friends for free on the Adult Swim website, but you may need a cable provider’s login for access.

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