According to reports, Ezra Miller made Susan Sarandon appear at their altar in retaliation for turning down an invitation to dinner.

Miller was furious that he wasn’t invited to one of Sarandon’s dinner parties, a friend of his said to Vanity Fair.

Every day it feels like the Ezra Miller issue is becoming a stranger.

The Flash actor’s behavior is the subject of many new Vanity Fair exposés, one of which centers on Susan Sarandon.

The VF story claims that Miller’s property in Vermont has an altar with figures of Flash, cannabis, and bullets. A longtime friend of Miller’s told the magazine that “often [they] make the women put their cell phones on the altar when they come in, and other offerings.”

Susan Sarandon was not invited to a dinner party, so Ezra freaked out and demanded that she come to pay respects to their altar.

Miller would certainly call this [anecdote] complete bulls—- if asked, according to Miller’s publicist, who told VF that they and Sarandon “are great friends.”

Ezra Miller Made Susan Sarandon Appear at Their Altar in Retaliation for Turning Down an Invitation to Dinner.

For a response, EW contacted Sarandon’s representatives.

They/them pronouns are used by Miller, who addressed a number of disturbing instances and allegations concerning the actor in an August statement. Miller had a history of arrests in Hawaii for numerous disputes, threatening behavior, and obscene conduct.

In Vermont, they were also charged with criminal burglary, and their residence was allegedly used to groom youngsters and expose them to drugs and weapons.

The statement from Miller read, “Having just gone through a moment of intense distress, I now understand that I am suffering from complicated mental health difficulties and have started continuing treatment.”

“I really regret alarming and upsetting anyone with my previous actions. I’m determined to put forth the effort required to return to a safe, secure, and productive period of my life.”

Miller and his agent, Scott Metzger, reportedly had a “very favorable discussion” with Warner Bros. management about the actor’s future involvement in the Flash movie, which is still scheduled for release on June 23, 2023, according to a previous story from EW.

According to reports, Miller expressed regret “for drawing unfavorable attention to the manufacturing and the company.”

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