Get your maple leaf tissues ready, for Letterkenny’s twelfth season has been confirmed to be its final. Since its initial release in 2016, Letterkenny has established itself as an all-time classic, satirizing rural life in Canada’s countryside.

The charming Hicks, comprised of Wayne (Jared Keeso), Daryl (Nathan Dales), Katy (Michelle Mylett), and Dan (K. Trevor Wilson), as well as the rest of their colorful friends and family, become embroiled in a variety of ludicrous situations while asserting themselves using Canadian swear words.


The show was an instant smash in its home country of Canada, but it also acquired an audience outside the country thanks to wider distribution via Hulu. Letterkenny immediately became one of the most popular shows on the service, thanks to its enormous streaming partner. It even spawned a few spin-offs, such as the animated prequel Littlekenny and the hockey spin-off Shoresy, which is already in its second season.

The show’s goodbye to Hulu subscribers is heartbreaking, but twelve seasons on the air is nothing to scoff at. It’s an astounding achievement that most short-form comedy can only dream of, and Jared Keeso and the rest of the cast and crew will almost certainly leave a legacy that lasts far beyond the show’s series finale. Here is all we know so far about Letterkenny Season 12 to learn more about the twelfth and final season, including its cast, release date, and more.

When Will ‘Letterkenny’ Season 12 Be Available?

The Letterkenny Hicks will reconvene for the final time when Letterkenny Season 12 premieres on Hulu on Tuesday, December 26th.

When Will 'Letterkenny' Season 12 Be Available?

Assume you are fortunate enough to be a Canadian resident. In that case, Letterkenny Season 12 will be available on Crave one day sooner on Monday, December 25th (just in time for Christmas).

Letterkenny Season 11 Recap

In its 11th season, the show upholds its reputation for comedic brilliance by delivering a captivating blend of uproarious escapades and endearing character interactions. This installment presents the small-town residents with a tapestry of challenges, from whimsical incidents like a church bake sale heist to the frantic quest to retrieve a missing canine, all while contending with the intrusion of social media influencers into their tight-knit community.

Fresh blood arrives in the form of Amelia and Liam, vibrant Australian cousins finding their place amidst the eccentricities of the McMurray clan, injecting a delightful dose of new energy into the ensemble. An episode centered on a potato chip flavor competition hilariously delves into the history of the snack, sparking a jovial debate among the townsfolk.

Letterkenny Season 11 Recap

Amidst the laughter, heartfelt moments emerge, notably exploring the evolving relationship between Wayne and Katy, adding depth and emotional resonance to the series. The misadventures of the degens persist, serving up their trademark chaos and mischief.

With a festive finale that brings the entire ensemble together for a celebratory gathering, Season 11 remains a testament to its enduring charm, ensuring fans are treated to another delightful dose of laughs, heart, and the unique humor that defines the show.

Where Can You Watch Season 12 of ‘Letterkenny’?

Letterkenny Season 12 will be accessible to watch and stream on Crave for Canadian residents, as previously stated. Letterkenny Season 12 will be accessible to watch and stream solely on Hulu outside of Canada, primarily in the United States.

Where Can You Watch Season 12 of 'Letterkenny'?

Comedies and sitcoms, like many other streaming platforms, are among the most important and watched programming. Hulu, for example, has a plethora of entertaining comedy shows, like the long-running It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the excellent vampire parody What We Do in the Shadows.

Who Will Appear in ‘Letterkenny’ Season 12?

As the long-running show’s grand finale, you can expect that the Letterkenny series regulars will be back for Season 12. This, of course, includes Jared Keeso, the show’s co-creator and star, who has played the main character Wayne (and the side character Shoresy) since the show’s start.

Who Will Appear in 'Letterkenny' Season 12?

The rest of the Hicks are very certainly returning, including Nathan Dales (Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City) as Daryl, Michelle Mylett (Four in the Morning) as Katy, and K. Trevor Wilson (Bigfoot) as Dan. Dylan Playfair (The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers) as Reilly, Andrew Herr (Upload) as Jonesy, Tyler Johnston (Story of a Girl) as Stewart, and Evan Stern (RoboCop) as Roald are among the other regular actors and characters who are expected to return. Who knows who else from Letterkenny will appear in the Season 12 finale?

What is the plot of ‘Letterkenny’ Season 12?

Letterkenny lacks a plot, instead focusing on the daily exploits of the native population of the tiny village of Letterkenny.

What is the plot of 'Letterkenny' Season 12?

The series’ main characters, the Hicks, are continuously engaged in insult wars with the town’s other groups, the Skids and the Hockey Players. What the three of them will do is unknown, but according to the first season, the hicks will get caught up in a fashionable nightclub and attend a frantic comedy night.

Who Will Create ‘Letterkenny’ Season 12?

Letterkenny is still overseen by co-creators Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney. Keeso and Tierney both play characters in the program, in addition to conceiving and scripting it. Keeso plays Wyatt, the main character, and Shoresy, the hockey sidekick, while Tierney plays Glen, the snobbish character.

Who Will Create 'Letterkenny' Season 12?

Is There a Trailer for ‘Letterkenny’ Season 12?

Letterkenny Season 12 has a trailer, take a look:


Throughout its journey, “Letterkenny” remained under the guiding hand of co-creators Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney, whose creative prowess sculpted this comedic masterpiece. Their vision and occasional on-screen appearances added depth and authenticity to the series’ portrayal of rural life.

As “Letterkenny” prepares for its final bow, it leaves an enduring legacy—a testament to its wit, charm, and the unforgettable world it created within the hearts of its fervent audience.

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