The death of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022 was foreseen by “The Simpsons.”

Despite social media posts claiming the long-running Matt Groening cartoon series’ prescience, here is a list of things “The Simpsons” didn’t predict: The riot on January 6, 2021, at the Capitol, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Tom Hanks catching COVID-19, Canada’s trucker convoy protest, and COVID-19.

It’s time to add another horoscope to the list: the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Two animated photos of the queen, who passed away on September 8, are posted on Facebook on September 15. In the first, Homer Simpson can be seen watching her as she clasps her hands together in a courtroom.

The second depicts her sleeping in a casket that is only partially open and bears the inscription “Elizabeth II 1926-2022.” What appears to be video of the queen’s eldest son, King Charles III, participating in her burial procession is interspersed among the cartoon images.

In an effort to combat fake news and misinformation on its News Feed, Facebook reported this post. (Learn more about our collaboration with Facebook owner Meta.)

The first picture, which features Homer and the queen, is real. A reverse image search turns up numerous stills from the 2003 episode where Homer hits the queen’s chariot with a rental car. Additionally, press reports concerning the queen’s attendance on the programme are surfaced.

Did The Simpsons Just Predict The Death of Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth has appeared in six episodes of “The Simpsons,” although none of them mention her passing, according to a Wiki page devoted to the show. We couldn’t find any more proof that she passed away on the broadcast.

This Simpsons-style cartoon depiction of the queen in a coffin looks to be a modification of a different cartoon depiction of the late President Donald Trump in a coffin. That picture was never seen on “The Simpsons,” as we mentioned in a previous fact-check.

We give the assertion that the Simpsons foresaw Elizabeth’s demise the same rating that we gave the fake Trump image: Pants on Fire!

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