Disenchantment, the popular adult animated fantasy comedy series on Netflix, is set to conclude with its fifth and final season. Fans of the show are eagerly awaiting the release date and details of this highly anticipated season.


In this article, we will provide you with all the essential information about Disenchantment Season 5, including its release date, number of episodes, and more.

Disenchantment Season 5 Release Date

According to recent reports, Disenchantment Season 5 is scheduled to arrive on Netflix on September 1, 2023. This final chapter of the series will consist of ten episodes, bringing an end to the adventures of our beloved characters in the medieval kingdom of Dreamland. Fans can mark their calendars and prepare for the grand finale of Disenchantment.

Disenchantment Season 5 Release Date

Disenchantment Season 5 will mark the culmination of the story arc that began in the first season. Over the course of the show, viewers have followed the misadventures of Princess Bean, her elf companion Elfo, and her personal demon Luci. The upcoming season promises to tie up loose ends and provide a satisfying conclusion to the characters’ journeys.

What to Expect in Season 5?

While specific plot details for Disenchantment Season 5 are being kept under wraps, fans can anticipate a mixture of humor, fantasy, and social commentary, which are the show’s signature elements.

What to Expect in Season 5?

Season 4 delved deeper into the growth and evolution of the main characters. Bean found herself grappling with her responsibilities as a princess and her own identity. As she navigated the challenges of ruling Dreamland, Bean discovered new facets of her personality and made choices that would shape her future.

Elfo, the naive and kind-hearted elf, continued to come to terms with his unique heritage. His journey of self-discovery led him to confront his past and question his place in the world. Meanwhile, Luci’s true nature as a demon was further explored, adding layers to his enigmatic character.

What to Expect in Season 5?

The series has been praised for its clever writing, unique art style, and memorable characters. As the final season, it is likely to deliver an epic and emotional finale that will leave a lasting impact on audiences.

A Fan-Favorite Cast and Crew

“Disenchantment” makes its return, and fans can expect to hear the familiar voices of the main cast members bringing their beloved characters to life once again.

A Fan-Favorite Cast and Crew

The talented ensemble that has lent their voices to the quirky inhabitants of Dreamland is likely to reprise their roles for the upcoming season.

Returning Voice Cast:

  • Abbi Jacobson as Princess Bean: The central character of the series, Bean is the spirited and adventurous princess of Dreamland.
  • Eric André as Luci the Demon: Luci is Bean’s personal demon and a source of both mischief and companionship.
  • Nat Faxon as Elfo: Elfo, the sweet-natured elf, is known for his curiosity and kind-heartedness.
  • John DiMaggio as King Zøg: King Zøg is Bean’s father and the often comically gruff ruler of Dreamland.
  • Sharon Horgan as Queen Dagmar: Queen Dagmar plays a significant role in the show’s narrative, and her complex character is likely to continue unfolding.
  • Meredith Hagner as Mora the Mermaid: Mora brings an aquatic twist to the series as a mermaid with her own set of quirks.
  • Tress MacNeille as Queen Oona, Prince Derek, and The Ogre Queen: Tress MacNeille is a versatile voice actress who lends her talents to multiple characters.

Possible Returning Characters:

  • Matt Berry as Prince Merkimer the Pig: Although absent in part four, the return of Prince Merkimer, who was turned into a pig, is highly anticipated.
  • Richard Ayoade as Alva Gunderson: Ayoade’s portrayal of Alva Gunderson, the founder of Steamland, could provide more comedic and inventive moments.

As fans eagerly await news of the show’s return, the promise of these talented voice actors reprising their roles ensures that the enchanting and hilarious dynamics between the characters will continue to be a highlight of “Disenchantment.”

The series is created by Matt Groening, the mastermind behind ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Futurama,’ known for his comedic storytelling and satirical takes on various genres.

Disenchantment Season 5 Teaser

Disenchantment returns on Netflix and you can watch the trailer here:

The Legacy of Disenchantment

Despite its conclusion, Disenchantment has left a lasting impact on audiences worldwide. With its unique blend of fantasy and comedy, the series has garnered a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

The Legacy of Disenchantment

It has received praise for its satirical commentary on modern society and its subversion of traditional fairy tale tropes. Disenchantment has proven to be a worthy addition to the animated comedy genre and will be remembered as a beloved show by many


Disenchantment Season 5 is set to be the final installment of the popular adult animated series on Netflix. With a release date of September 1, 2023, and ten episodes in store, fans can look forward to a thrilling conclusion to the story of Princess Bean, Elfo, and Luci.

As we bid farewell to the kingdom of Dreamland, Disenchantment’s legacy as a clever and entertaining series will continue to live on in the hearts of its devoted fans.

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