Stranger Things Season 3 was out three years ago, and it’s easy to forget how crazy the program can become. Each season, though, is scarier than the last, with a new indescribably bizarre creature and Eleven being driven to the brink in order to put an end to it all.

Will, Jonathan, and Eleven, our monster-fighting children, had left Hawkins the last time we saw them. And Eleven not only lost her powers after being injured by the Mind Flayer third season’s main antagonist, but she also lost her father figure Jim Hopper, who perished in an explosion. He’s alive and in a chain gang in Russia, as we already know from a prior teaser clip.

The kids begin to struggle with the fallout of that big mall brawl from Season 3 in a trailer for Season 4 which begins on May 27. Max mourns the death of her brother, Eleven tries to make friends in high school, and Joyce receives an odd delivery from Russia.

In addition, creators Matt and Ross Duffer indicated in an interview with Deadline that the upcoming season will be longer than prior seasons, with each episode lasting at least an hour, if not more. It was their “Game of Thrones season” and “amazing,” they said. It’s without a doubt going to be the show’s most important season yet, with huge stakes.

Thus, here’s all we know so far about the new Stranger Things creature from Season 4.

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Who Is Vecna, the New Monster in Stranger Things Season 4?

The Powers of The Terrifying Upside Down Creature Vecna in Stranger Things

Stranger Things’ monsters are based mainly on Dungeons & Dragons, and Vecna is a significant evil villain in the game. Vecna was originally a human monarch who became a lich, according to the wiki page for the Dungeons & Dragons-Forgotten Realms fandom a powerful undead wizard.

Vecna ascended to godhood as his strength grew throughout time. Vecna was first presented in 1976, according to Polygon, and was only revealed in the canon as the enigmatic source of two artifacts: a hand that turned its users evil and gave them skills like levitation, and an eye that offered a user extraordinary hearing and the ability to bounce in and out of reality.

Vecna has the ability to immobilize people, change reality, and manipulate minds, among other things. El is going to have her job cut out for her whatever we see in Season 4.

A scary humanoid entity never seen previously in the Stranger Things universe can be seen in a promo for Season 4. The Mind Flayer and the Demogorgon appeared in prior seasons. It’s only natural that we’d have a new monster to terrify the Hawkins kids after the Mind Flayer took up two seasons.

Vecna is the season’s new enemy, according to Stranger Things‘ official Twitter.

The Duffer Brothers teased that the Vecna is their take on one of those big evil horror villains you constantly hear about in a trailer analysis with IGN blogged by Bloody Disgusting.

“We wanted to get the concept out there right away that there’s a big new threat.” We’ve always wanted to play a Freddy Krueger, a Pinhead, or a Pennywise, in our own unique style “said they. “Because those were the monsters… the villains… otherworldly villains who most horrified us as children.”

They went on to say that they’ve wanted to do a villain like this since Season 2, but it’s taken them along to find a way to do it naturally inside the show.

The Powers of The Terrifying Upside Down Creature Vecna in Stranger Things

When speaking with Deadline, the brothers indicated that fans would eventually get to understand what was behind all of Hawkins’ mysterious occurrences. It’s likely that the Vecna holds the key to understanding why the Upside Down exists in the first place, and why all of this is taking place in a sleepy Indiana suburb.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know about Vecna from the teaser, but the season isn’t far away, so we’ll find out more soon enough.

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Freddy Krueger Meets Pennywise

Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger and IT’s Pennywise appears to have influenced the Dugger Brothers’ villain design.

Pennywise preys on children while Krueger kills them while they sleep. Vecna appears to be targeting Hawkins kids in the 1980s, and it’s been revealed that he was also targeting Creel kids and parents in the 1950s.

Victor Creel is Vecna’s sole survivor, and despite the fact that he is played by Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), it is evident that he is not Vecna because he has been imprisoned since his family’s death.

Despite the fact that the Duffer Brothers were inspired by classic horror villains, Vecna’s true identity is far more terrifying. He looks more human than other Upside Down animals because he is, as revealed in episode 7 – the final episode before the final portion of Season 4 is broadcast in July.

The Powers of The Terrifying Upside Down Creature Vecna in Stranger Things

Vecna began as Creel’s son, presumed dead after the killings, but it was later discovered that he was the perpetrator. Victor said that his son Henry was not killed in the same manner as his wife and daughter, but rather fell into a coma and died shortly after they died.

He was taken by Dr. Brenna — the man who kidnapped Eleven – and is now subject number one and the caretaker who speaks to Eleven in her dreams.

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