The woman who insisted that her husband’s 98-year-old grandmother not attend their wedding reception became popular on Twitter after posting a Reddit message asking readers whether she was being “the asshole.”

A significant fight between the bride and her husband about allowing his grandma to attend their wedding was reported by the bride on Reddit.

The post was shared on Twitter where it quickly became a fiercely contested topic of conversation as comments poured in.

The Bride Gains Notoriety After Forbidding Her 98-Year-Old Grandmother from The Wedding

A woman questioned Reddit users if she was being “the asshole” because she didn’t want her husband’s 98-year-old grandma to attend her wedding in a widely shared post.

The reception will be “a huge celebration” with “dancing, loud music, and an open bar,” she said, adding that the pair “decided not to have kids” during their wedding. The bride also does not desire the presence of the groom’s grandma during the wedding for “the same reasons.”

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The grandmother, who had “always dreamed of being at her grandson’s wedding,” the bride, and the groom then got into a “huge quarrel.”

Bride Banned Husband's 98-Year-Old Grandma from Wedding: Twitter Users Reacts to The Disaster!

Despite the grandmother’s desire that she would be comfortable at the occasion, the bride invited her to the ceremony but said that she would be “too out of place at the reception.”

Over 93% of respondents to a Twitter poll who saw the post said that the bride is true “the asshole,” making it appear that the image rapidly went viral. More than 38,000 people voted in the survey.

Twitter Responds To A Reddit Post About Viral Brides

Someone wrote: This attitude genuinely upsets me and is a huge red flag. The idea that kids, the elderly, and persons with disabilities are a bother or burden is extremely destructive and will resurface as their parent’s age and when they have kids.

Another person remarked: “If the grandma feels uncomfortable, let her decide; she can then take early retirement! Alternatively, other family members will take care of her if necessary!

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On Twitter, some individuals defended the bride, with one stating that the bride “should realize that” taking care of the grandmother “would be a burden on everyone.”

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