Model and social media star Josie Canseco has been a topic of conversation after an embarrassing wardrobe mishap.

The blunder occurred as the 25-year-old was out with her father and some other friends and family members celebrating her birthday.

Fans are divided on whether or not the nip slip was accidental.

It’s a Party for 25-Year-Old Actress Josie Canseco in Hollywood

On the evening of November 4th, Josie Canseco, then 25, celebrated her 25th birthday at the trendy West Hollywood eatery, Delilah.

Jose, her father, is a former Major League Baseball player, and she clung to his arm as they entered the celebration.

The Internet celebrity’s costume was very stunning: a sheer metal top, black skirt, heels, blazer, and a choker.

The designer, Natalia Fedner, was responsible for her top, which retails for a whopping $1,965, but is prone to wardrobe malfunctions.

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She Experienced a Malfunction in Her Closet

Photos taken by paparazzi reveal that Josie made a minor fashion faux pas while out with her dad. That is unless she didn’t.

A lot of people assumed the model had nipped their pants down to their nipples because of the see-through top.

Others, however, have countered that she consciously selected to dress so that her nipples would be seen.

Josie was definitely aware of the situation because she shared the photo on Instagram and blurred out her nipples.

She certainly didn’t seem phased by the apparent glitch, the significance of which has been hotly debated on Twitter.

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Josie’s Outfit Is Melted Down by Twitter Opinions

Was Josie Canseco’s ‘Nip Slip’ A Wardrobe Malfunction?

We admire Josie’s self-assurance, however, some are worried about how she looked to her DAD when she wore that outfit. Awkward.

Someone on Twitter said, “Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I couldn’t hang out with my daughter with her nipples.”

“Josie Canseco has an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on her 25th birthday?” “I did it on purpose to get a photo op, and it was extremely obvious, but no one asked me to,” stated someone another.

‘EWWW. Josie Canseco frees the nipple at her 25th birthday party with her DAD,’ a third person chimed in.

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