Posting an Instagram selfie of his new girlfriend Katie Miller, WhistlinDiesel acknowledged his divorce from his wife. The status of a YouTuber’s divorce from his/her spouse is still unknown.

Following the lack of joint content from WhistlinDiesel and his wife, concerned fans began to wonder if something was amiss.

In the past, the two appeared to be inseparable; his wife’s YouTube username, Mrs. WhistlinDiesel, is a nod to their frequent on-screen pairing.

Whitlindiesel Presents His Girlfriend

On June 10th, Instagram user WhistlinDiesel posted a selfie of himself in a moving vehicle. Katie was photographed sitting on the ground as if she were cleaning the tires.

“Sometimes when I’m in my air-conditioned business sipping on $8 wine in my Lamborghini with my GF cleaning the wheels,” he said as a caption for the shot.

He included Katie in the post’s circle of friends without hesitation. Because Katie prefers to keep her social media accounts private, not much is known about their current status as a couple.

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Where did YouTube’s wife work?

Mrs. WhistlinDiesel was Rae, the YouTube name of WhistlinDiesel’s wife. Her channel is now empty, however.

She makes videos and shares them on social media sites including Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and OnlyFans. At the young age of 18, the two apparently tied the knot. Rae used to make cameos in music videos every so often. Unfortunately, it ceased to occur before the end of 2021.

Rae is quite social media savvy, yet she has yet to share anything related to WhistlinDiesel.

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There Had Been Rumors of A Breakup Between Them for A While

WhistlinDiesel Shares A Photo With New Girlfriend Katie Miller,

Fans considered it unbelievable that Rae and WhistlinDiesel had gone so long without posting anything about each other on their respective channels.

Meanwhile, keen observers saw that the two were no longer mutually following each other on social media. But the YouTuber didn’t say anything about the breakup until June 10. Rae had been silent about their friendship up to this point.

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