The 2022 romantic drama film After Ever Happy, with a script by Sharon Soboil, is directed by Castille Landon. It is the fourth film in the After series, following After (2019), After We Collided (2020), and After We Fell.

It is based on Anna Todd’s 2015 novel of the same name (2021). As Tessa Young and Hardin Scott, respectively, Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin reprise their roles in the movie.

The movie After Ever Happy had its global debut on August 10 in London and went on general Release on September 7 in Theaters. After Everything, the sequel is currently being made.

Where To Watch After Ever Happy

On September 7 and 8, After Ever Happy will only be shown in a few select U.S. cinemas as part of special Fathom Events screenings. On Fandango, you may look up a showing at a nearby theater.

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When Will After Ever Happy Be on Netflix?

It has not yet been specified when After Ever Happy will be available on Netflix. However, based on the Netflix releases of the prior After movies, here is what we know.

Following its April 12 theatrical debut, After was made available on Netflix in October 2019.

Due to the epidemic, After We Collided was released on October 23, 2020, simultaneously in cinemas and on VOD, and it debuted on Netflix on December 22, 2020. Then, on September 30, 2021, After We Fell, the third movie in the series, debuted in theaters. On January 17, 2022, it was made available on Netflix.

Based on this, we can assume that After Ever Happy will be available on Netflix roughly three and a half months after it hits theaters, or around early January 2023. This would correspond to the third movie’s Netflix release schedule.

after ever happy release date

However, if the Netflix release schedule for the first movie is any indication, you’ll have to wait a little longer—until March or April 2023.

In January 2023, as far as we can tell After Ever Happy will be available on Netflix. All we can do is wait and see.

What Is After Ever Happy About?

Based on Anna Todd’s bestselling After book series, After Ever Happy Todd first made her works available on the social storytelling website Wattpad, where she amassed a sizable following. The narrative of the movie may have suffered a few small creative changes here and there, but mostly it maintains close to the novel’s original plot.

Not too long after the events of After We Fell, there is a movie called After Ever Happy. To attend Hardin’s mother Trish’s (Louise Lombard) wedding to her fiancé, Tessa and Hardin are in London.

But the evening before the nuptials, Hardin witnesses Trish engaging in sexual activity with Christian Vance, Tessa’s publisher (Stephen Moyer). Hardin is informed by Vance that Ken Scott is not his real father.

Tessa also learns about this from Kimberly, Vance’s fiancée (Arielle Kebbel). In a state of astonishment and rage, Hardin storms out of the hotel bar only to have Tessa pursue him. Just as the credits begin to roll, the couple kisses and embraces.

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Who’s In The Cast Of After Ever Happy?

Tessa Young and Hardin Scott’s respective parts will be played again by Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin. Tessa has previously appeared in films as a devoted student and a similarly devoted daughter.

Her world spins out of control when the mysterious Hardin Scott enters it after living such a guarded life in college and having nothing but lofty goals.

The skeletons Hardin has been hiding in his closet are the reason for his infamous reputation, and it’s only a matter of time before they all break free.

In addition to her role as Emma Cunningham in Netflix’s Moxie, Langford is well-known for the After series, and Tiffin is well-known for playing the 11-year-old Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Hardin’s mother Trish Daniels (Louise Lombard) also reappears in After Ever Happy. Trish loves her son as much as a mother loves her child, despite the distance between them. Ken’s ex-wife, Trish, divorced him because of his alcoholism.

after ever happy release date

Trish has a forgiving nature and rarely gets angry, despite the anguish she experiences as a result of a tragic occurrence that happened in her own house. Louise Lombard is scheduled to feature in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer and has a long list of cinema and television projects to her name.

In the third film, After We Fell, Stephen Moyer portrays Christian Vance, Tessa’s supervisor at Vance Publishing, who is subsequently revealed to be Hardin’s father. Previously, Trish and Vance became close when Trish split from Ken.

Vance establishes a working relationship with his secretary Kimberly after relocating to America to start his prosperous publishing company (Arielle Kebbel).

Initially platonic, their relationship quickly develops into something passionate and results in their engagement. Fans of True Blood would recognize Moyer from his portrayal of the vampire Bill Compton on the HBO series.

‘After Ever Happy’ Review: OMG #Hessa is Back and Blander Than Ever!

Speaking English has developed helpful expressions like “blah blah blah” and “yada yada yada” so that we don’t have to sit through mind-numbingly repetitious explanations of the obvious in conversation.

The “After” universe, which is currently on its fourth installment and seems committed to spinning the already vanishingly frail relationship between good-girl Tessa and bad-boy Hardin, the most colossally dull golden couple in YA literature, into the increasingly thinner straw, sadly lacks such a shorthand.

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The new episode, which itself builds to a face-palming “to be continued,” can’t even be considered to be bland after a filler second film (“After We Collided”) and a wheel-spinning third (“After We Fell”). It exists in the void between blahs.

Fair enough, given how often the older generation’s roles have been recast in the series, there’s a lot to be frustrated and perplexed about from a parental standpoint: Moyer is the second actor to play Christian

Peter Gallagher and Rob Estes have both portrayed Hardin’s father, Ken Scott; the less said about the three actresses who have been cast as Hardin’s stepmom, the better; and imagine being Tessa and going home to your mother Sel Anyone would want to drink because one’s parents aren’t objects that are everlasting.

So, remembering his alcoholism and disregarding his love-inspired reformation, Hardin downs a scotch and sets out to set his boyhood home on fire, oblivious to Tessa who has been scuttling after him while bleating glumly like a veal calf.

Fans know not to worry too much, though, as the terminally self-absorbed couple will continue to toggle that on-off switch so quickly it should come with a strobe warning for people with epilepsy.

Their relationship would appear to be on the outs once more. On one of their off days, Tessa takes a flight back to Washington State, where she is met with an even worse father issue than Hardin’s: the body of her father, who had been sleeping in her apartment when he overdosed, there.

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