The producer,Devon Franklin, 44, and the Harlem actress, 40, were married in June 2012; they later divorced in August 2021. Us was able to get court records that show Franklin filed for divorce in December of that year.

On June 2, the pair officially ended their relationship, and everything was done in private. No spousal support will be demanded from Good or Franklin.

After much prayer and thought, the couple announced their separation in December 2021, stating that they would “move into our futures individually but forever connected.”

“We celebrate almost ten years of wedded bliss and an unending love. No one is to blame, and we think this is the next greatest stage in the development of our relationship.

“We are immensely appreciative for the life-altering years we have spent as husband and wife,” they concluded. In addition, we are very grateful to God for blessing our life together and for building a testimony within of us both.

One month before to Franklin’s appearance as a new Married at First Sight expert, who is also a pastor and self-help author, the divorce decision was entered.

What Close Sources Revealed About Franklin And Good’s Relationship

Megan Good and Franklin marked their ninth wedding anniversary in June. The two made heartfelt comments about one another on social media. To many people’s astonishment, the pair has since parted ways after six months.

Fans and celebrities who had thought the couple was still together discussed how ironic the two incidents were. A small number of people, however, were aware that the separation was unavoidable for a number of reasons.

According to a close insider, the couple’s separation was “a long time coming,” as People Magazine reported. “Their work schedules often kept them apart, and they just haven’t been spending a lot of time together this past year,” the source said.

When they did have time in their schedules to spend quality time together, it was frequently only for a few hours.

The epidemic deteriorated their relationship even more, worsening their already troubled marriage. Franklin realised that the marriage could no longer work and filed for divorce to dissolve it.

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Meagan Good And Devon Franklin Are No Longer Together

According to reports, the pastor-turned-filmmaker filed for divorce on December 20. There was no clear cause of the breakup at the time of the filing. Nevertheless, a lot of people have speculated that the couple split up.

Devon Franklin and Good uploaded the same image and statement on their respective Instagram profiles rather than announcing their separation as a pair. Franklin had Good in his arm as they sat on a grass with the camera behind them.

megan good divorce

“After much prayer and thought, we have decided to enter our futures individually but forever connected,” the caption said in part. We are happy to be celebrating almost ten years of marriage and an unending love. There is no one to blame. This, in our opinion, is the next finest stage in the development of our relationship.

Divorce of DeVon Franklin, according to Meagan Good, was “most painful thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Meagan Good has been candid about her split with DeVon Franklin. They had been wed for nine years.

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Meagan Good on DeVon Franklin Divorce: ‘Most Painful Thing I’ve Ever Experienced’

I’ve always approached relationships with the knowledge that they will eventually reach the destination they are intended to reach and then be over, said Good. “I’ve always had the mentality of, ‘Okay, next chapter. We’ll see what happens next,’ and accepting it no matter how it turns out but also enjoying what you give to someone and what they provide to you.

She did believe her marriage to Franklin would be unique, expecting they would stay together for the most of her life. Despite the fact that Good’s divorce was “the most traumatic thing I’ve ever experienced in my life,” she remained upbeat. I still have faith in the future. I still feel as though this is my next act in life, even though perhaps it isn’t a chapter. I trust God.

“Not everything makes sense to me right now, but… I’m excited to see what this next act of life is going to be and what God has in store,” she continued about her faith in God. “But even doing that, I do have gratitude and so much joy in my heart for these past 11 years that DeVon and I have been together,” Good said. Everything that he has given to me and everything that I have been able to give to him.

Gia Peppers served as the host of the discussion, which also included Shoniqua Shandai and Grace Byers from the Amazon Prime series Harlem. Goal-setting, love, and the TV series were some of the subjects that were discussed.

Good and Franklin announced their separation in a joint statement to People late last month. They wrote, “After much prayer and deliberation, we have decided to go into our futures individually but forever united.” “We celebrate almost ten years of wedded bliss and an unending love. No one is to blame, and we think this is the next greatest stage in the development of our relationship.

Early in December, Harlem made its Amazon Prime premiere. Tyler Lepley and Jerrie Johnson also star. The programme, which is executive produced by Amy Poehler and Pharrell Williams, follows four Black women as they navigate the difficulties of daily life in Harlem, New York.

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