Korean-New Zealand singer and Blackpink member, Rosé’s On the Ground was one of the well-performing singles from her debut album “R.” The song was officially released by YG Entertainment on 12th March 2021. Since Rosé is loved a lot by her fans, they gave him a surprise recently, so keep reading to know.

Earlier today, the official Twitter handle of YG studios, @ygent_official shared a tweet where it disclosed the landmark of what Rosé has achieved. Her On the Ground single crossed the 300 million mark on their official Youtube channel. They also thanked their fans for the love they gave.

Well, the song deserved to get such popularity, as when it went out, it got somewhere around 23 million views, which was the fastest music video by a soloist in K-pop history to cross the 20 million mark. Even at the time of the premier, the Blackpink member’s girl got such a great response from her loyal fans. The music video also broke the record of fastest 100 million by a female solo artist, which was done in just seven days.

We can probably say that K-pop music has got so much notoriety in the previous 4 – 5 years. The records that they are making these days shows how much people love their music so through this we can easily assume at what position they will be in the upcoming years.

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