The new Netflix drama Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story fictionalizes the life and crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer. As one of America’s most infamous serial killers, Dahmer’s methods of luring men back to his house where he would kill them are explored in this limited series.

According to their Biography, Dahmer regularly performed sex acts on the bodies of his victims before dismembering them, and he kept trophies of his crimes, including skulls and genitalia, in his home as mementos.

Between 1978 and 1991, Dahmer killed seventeen people, mostly young, gay, Black men, but one of them, Tracy Edwards, managed to escape. He was one of the few men to survive an encounter with Dahmer, and his testimony was instrumental in the serial killer’s capture and conviction. What happened to Tracy Edwards, though? What follows is essential information.

Who Is Tracy Edwards?

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Just like Jeffrey Dahmer’s other 17 victims, Tracy Edwards was murdered when he was only 32 years old. According to the Biography, Edward escaped from Dahmer’s shady apartment on July 22, 1991. On that specified day, law enforcement located him wandering the streets while cuffed.

Without hesitation, Jeffrey Edwards led the police to Dahmer’s apartment, where he casually handed the officers the key to his handcuffed wrist. They freed the man and questioned Dahmer about the knife he had used to threaten Edwards. Polaroids of other male victims of Dahmer’s were eventually discovered.

While searching his home, police discovered a skull and genitalia that Dahmer had selected as souvenirs. Dahmer initially refused to stop resisting arrest and began fighting with police, prompting one of them to call for backup. Dahmer, America’s deadliest criminal, was finally apprehended and began chanting that he deserved to die for his crimes.

Further investigation led to the discovery of human organs, skeletons, bleached skulls, hearts, several portions of arm muscles, a recently severed head of a Black man, penises of both young boys and men, and a torso in a bag.

The new Netflix drama Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story fictionalizes the life and crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer.

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How Did Tracy Edwards and Jeffrey Dahmer Meet?

Nothing out of the ordinary; Dahmer drew, planned, and killed Tracy Edwards in the exact same way he had always killed his prey from the bar. He then approached Edwards and the other two men, offering them $100 each to come with him to the apartment. As soon as he heard the offer, Edwards agreed to join Dahmer, not knowing what lay in store for them.

When Edwards arrived at the apartment, he noticed a foul odor and bottles of hyaluronic acid on the floor and immediately questioned Dahmer. Dahmer apparently ignored the question about whether or not it was kept to clean bricks, which is another red flag.

Things began to happen in the following minutes that should have warned Edwards of impending danger. Dahmer handcuffed the guy and asked him to accompany him to the bedroom.

In the process of exploring the room, Edward stumbled upon a collection of naked photos of men. When Dahmer revealed his desire to eat Edwards’ heart, Edwards anticipated trouble and quickly left the apartment.

When police officers Rolf Mueller and Robert Rauth discovered the truth, they arrested Dahmer, and in 1992, a guilty verdict was rendered against him.

Edwards was found guilty of the separate offenses he committed, while Jeffrey was sentenced to life in prison.

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What Led to Tracy Edwards’ Conviction?

Years before Tracy Edwards confronted Jeffrey Dahmer, Dahmer had been accused of sexually harassing a 14-year-old girl in Mississippi, where he was living at the time. After Dahmer’s phobias spread throughout Mississippi, locals began to recognize Edwards and eventually brought charges against him.

While Edwards was accused of murder for pushing a man off a Milwaukee bridge, ABC also reported that he had been charged with theft, bail jumping, property damage, and drugs. This latter event took place in 2011 when Edwards was 52 years old and living on the streets.

While Edwards was all over the place, he never hesitated to commit serious crimes. Edwards’s last crime reportedly involved throwing a man off a downtown bridge. Whether or not the person was dead is currently unknown.

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What Exactly Does He Have to Say About Jeffrey Dahmer?

Edwards claimed in court that Dahmer forced him into his bedroom and threatened to eat his heart. He added that the Dahmer he had met in a bar was “not the same person.”

“His face structure seemed different…

He explained that it felt “like it wasn’t him anymore.”

Where is Tracy Edwards Now?

For his part in the 2012 death of the man who was thrown off the bridge, Edwards was found guilty by a Milwaukee County Circuit Court. The judge sentenced Edwards to 1.5 years in jail and two years of extended supervision.

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