Recently, the sentencing hearing for Jen Shah’s federal fraud case has been postponed. Her sentencing was scheduled to take place on November 18, 2022, however, the United States attorney Damian Williams has requested that it should be delayed to December 15, 2022, citing “scheduling conflicts on the part of various members of the Government team.” Shortly later, Judge Sidney H. Stein gave the proposal his blessing.

Shah’s close friend Meredith Marks’ birthday is on December 15. After initially disputing allegations that she committed wire fraud in connection with a telemarking scheme, the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star pled guilty in a surprise hearing back in July.

“Emails and telephones across state lines were used. I was aware that a significant portion of the buyers was above 55 years of age. According to Matthew Russell Lee of Inner-City Press, the reality personality apologized profusely in court.

The US attorney conceded to withdraw the money laundering conspiracy allegations in exchange for her guilty plea, which resulted in shah facing up to 30 years in prison.

With her assistant, Stuart Smith, the Bravolebrity is accused of defrauding hundreds of people, mostly the elderly out of money.

Shah has not yet responded to her new plea; up until that point, she had angrily denied the accusations and credited “direct response marketing” for her income.

In a recently made public interview from Season 1 of “RHOSLC,” the fraudster even talked about her wealth.

“For the past 20 years, I have engaged in direct response marketing. She boasted, “I make millions,” in the 2019 confessional. Hey, you’ve got to work for the money you need to make. I resemble the Wizard of Oz.

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