Introduction is the #1 trusted herpes dating site and a secure social network for singles to find their matches. Launched by a couple who wanted to help people connect, PositiveSingles is proud to pioneer a new online dating model that breaks tradition and delivers the most positive search experience possible.

In this article, you will learn how secured the life of STD positive singles by giving them perfect social and dating life after being infected with STD and herpes.

What is

PositiveSingles is a free friendship, social networking, and herpes dating website that specializes in serving those with Sexually transmitted diseases (STD). It mostly offers its services in North America and Europe.

The head office of PositiveSingles is in Vaughan, Ontario, and it was established in 2001. The business is privately owned. The founders’ goal was, and still is, to create a particular community for those who have STDs, as well as a website where users can find love, support, and hope.

The top website for online dating and support for persons with STDs is PositiveSingles. PositiveSingles today has over 2 million quality members with 60,000+ STD dating success stories, 2,550,000+ monthly discussions, and 20,000+ monthly blog entries due to its exceptional reputation and features.

How Do works?

PositiveSingles encourages users to indicate their preference for the kind of “living with” they wish to associate in the first stage. The about me part is shortlisted after being matched to one’s match’s desire.

Even then, several filters are considered, including a certain astrological sign, different kinds of relationships, and typical routines. Finally, a match is created while considering the user’s preferences.

How Does protect your privacy?

Although PositiveSingles works to maintain its website as safe as possible and in compliance with industry standards, no system can be 100% secure. Members should also take precautions while handling and disclosing their personal information and avoid sending it over untrusted emails.

  • The “Quick Exit” option rapidly reroutes you to another website to protect your privacy. If someone walks by while using PS, you don’t have to close the window completely.
  • Positive Singles’ privacy settings make sure that selected members may view your profile concealed.
  • Search engines and users who aren’t signed in can any longer access your profile.
  • never gives out, sells, or rents personal data to any company. Users can only see your profile on websites linked with Successful Match.
  •’s Private Album allows you to save your images covertly and share them with just the people you choose.
  • Every piece of private information is kept secret.
  • People with STDs can join the exclusive, exclusive community of Non-community members’ profiles are not permitted.

Technical Aspect

PositiveSingles uses secure server software (SSL) to ensure encrypted personal data and secure transactions. Additionally, it complies with all HIPAA guidelines and regulations to guarantee that your data is never shared across platforms.

Such legitimate and stringent procedures taken for the welfare of their users’ privacy have been praised by a technical PositiveSingles evaluation.

Customer Support

Calls or emails to customer care are accepted at all times. It is important to note that according to PositiveSingles reviews, this dating site has the greatest customer service, as well as informative articles and upbeat material. Every user’s welfare is given equal consideration, and blogs and herpes support forums are updated frequently.

How can I pass photo verification on

You can upload any picture that is not obscene, offensive, naked, racist, or copyrighted. It’s ideal for uploading anything that doesn’t fit into the above categories but instead displays your face or entire body. The PositiveSingles staff determines whether to accept your photo.

User Interface of App and More

The website’s user interface is simple and convenient to use. The finely designed website offers each of its functions on a different page, such as support, Q&A, blogs, forums, and chartrooms, to assist you in identifying how you want to view the present day.

Except for the discussion and the expert-provided health information and advice, the app has all the website material. Despite being an app With 100,000 downloads and a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars in the Google Play Store, PositiveSingles has received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Sign Up Process

Where there are already options available, you only need to select one of them when responding to questions. Giving your gender and the gender you want to become associated with is a process requirement.

The “living with” part follows, where one must specify the STD condition they are now dealing with. HSV-1, HSV-2, Herpes dating, HPV, HIV, Chlamydia, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Thrush, Gonorrhea, or others are possible choices (meaning not listed). There are several options for certain questions’ answers.

One must submit the relevant information upon registration, including age, location, height, marital status, “living with,” and a photo (which is not compulsory). One is required to write his or her answers to three questions.

One must first compose a profile headline that is no longer than 70 characters, followed by an about me part that is no more than 2000 characters. Finally, you must use at least 80 characters to describe what you are looking for in a match.

Once registered with PositiveSingles, you can continue to update your profile as you like. You can also include a list of questions your match must respond to. Include other pertinent selections like the kind of relationship you want to have, your favorite musical genres, and your drinking and smoking patterns.

You can also make a match wish based on the astrological sign you want. Not to mention, you might state the STD type of your desired companion. Any PositiveSingles review will highlight the meticulous signup process and careful examination of options that result in excellent matches.

Features PositiveSingles Offers in Free Membership

While free membership features are constrained, unlike many, they are not as rigorous as those on numerous dating websites.

One feature is the ability to edit one’s profile as often as desired. Additionally, one can respond to communications exclusive to a free membership.

Additionally accessible are winking, username searching, and the ability to post up to 26 photographs. One may ask another member for access to their private album, which is another crucial function. Free members can also view success stories (primarily those who were matched through the service, with a few recovered

STD cases).

The free features go above and beyond what most dating sites provide. And such hostility in their free services is so alluring that a person is pulled on to join. Every other website offers free signup and a maximum of two messages as a reply, but not PositiveSingles.

Features PositiveSingles Offers in Premium Membership

On PositiveSingles, premium members are referred to as gold members. Three subscription plans are available, each with a different monthly cost but with similar benefits.

By purchasing a premium membership, one can force their profile to appear at the top of search results. One can communicate with matched profiles and other users by sending messages to them.

They also have access to an advanced search with several filters. Not to mention in-person counselling sessions with STD counsellors through email or live chat.

It’s great that there is a quick exit button available because not everyone has a room that is uniquely their own. Numerous blogs are also accessible to restore confidence that has been lost due to societal pressure after reporting an STD. Fun “first date” and “let’s meet” options are among a broad number of features.

Pricing Details for Premium Membership

For a member, there are three different subscription types. A one-month subscription costs $29.95 per month, a three-month subscription costs $19.98 per month, and a six-month subscription costs $15.99 per month. Even though a monthly subscription is quoted, you must pay the full amount.

The payment methods accepted are credit card, PayPal, and check. Due to privacy concerns and the mingling of curious persons in users’ lives, PositiveSingles’ credit card bill displays “SUCCESSFUL MATCH” instead of their name on practically all testimonials.

Can I see who likes me without even paying?

One doesn’t even need to pay to see who likes them because they receive a notification on the website.

The person’s profile and wink can be viewed online, and you can ask them to grant access to their private album. However, because texting such users is a paid function, one cannot send them messages.

However, one can react to texts if someone texts them since those who like a user’s photo receive a notification and can then freely search for that user by username.

Conclusion is the leading herpes dating site for people to find love after being infected with an STD or Herpes. PositiveSingles has solved all these problems and made online dating easy, safe and simple.

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