Ana de Armas is having a big moment in her career, which is a huge understatement. In fact, Colin Farrell may have just hit on her at this year’s Golden Globes. I mean, between getting a part in Netflix’s The Gray Man with Regé-Jean Page, Ryan Gosling, and Chris Evans and playing Marilyn Monroe in the movie Blonde, the actor seems to have become an A-lister overnight. We’re nosy and love gossip, so we couldn’t help but dive right into the details of her low-key relationship with Tinder VP Paul Boukadakis. There have been rumours about the two of them for over a year, so you can bet that we put on our best Sherlock Holmes outfit and started looking into it. Thank you very much!

Paul, Ana’s boyfriend, is from the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In 2016, Entrepreneur talked to Paul and found out that he grew up in the southern city and went to Bishop Kelley High School. During the conversation, he went back to his old school to test out Wheel, an app for sharing videos. At the time, he was the CEO and co-founder of the company that made the app.

who is ana de armas dating

He told the outlet, “We have taken the idea and planted it in the Midwest.” “We went back to where we came from. Many people on the East Coast and West Coast see new products first. We wanted to bring it home to the Midwest… These kids are making things a la carte. They do things on different platforms that show different sides of themselves. And this is the next creative tool they have in their bag. I don’t think people will ever stop coming up with new ideas. They will always find something else to make art with.”

He has had more than one job.

In a June 2015 interview with The App Guy podcast, Paul said that he worked as a director and commercial editor for more than ten years before making Wheel, which was first called Ferris. “Before I started Ferris, I was a music video and commercial director for about 10 years,” he said, adding that his creative background gave him the idea for the video app he went on to make.

who is ana de armas dating

“I’m the kind of person who thinks that people can do great things at different times in their lives. I think that when people are happy with their jobs, they are often afraid to try something new. They don’t want to lose that sense of ease. I call it “The Forrest Gump Mindset,” which is the idea that you can do a lot of great things if you just try,” he said. Ferris-slash-Wheel was bought by Tinder in 2017, which changed his job title to vice president of special initiatives at the company. Okay, that’s a lot!

Paul and Ana may live together in New York City.

Elle says that Paul and Ana are living together in a New York City flat. The actor even talked about her decision to leave Los Angeles after seven years last summer. She said that the fact that she and her ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck were getting too much attention was a factor in the move.

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