Raya is an exclusive dating app for celebrities, and influencers. And, it has been gaining a lot press because some hot celebs have talked about using it.

The one fundamental reason why celebs join Raya is because a lot of mainstream popular dating apps like Tinder are notorious for being hookups hub. And, no to mention, celebs tend to get a lot of attention from superficial attention from the people for clout and money.

Stars including Eric Stonestreet and Chelsea Handler who have been open about using dating apps like Tinder and Bumble and even more celebrities have opted to use such dating apps like Raya.

Demi Lovato is also the user of these dating apps. She revealed in her documentary that she chose Raya after her split from Wilmer Valderrama in 2016. 

According to US Weekly magazine, Channing tatum joined the dating app after his breakup from Jessie J in November 2019.

Read the article below to see which celebrities are currently using Raya or used it in the past.

Celebrities Who Have Used Raya App to Try and Find Love

1. Katie Thurston

Katie Thurston disclosed that she joined the dating app after her breakup from John Hersey in July 2022. 

The native of Washington remarked in a TikTok video,”I thought it was gonna be, like, a long wait list,” The Bachelor alum chose the option stating she was looking for friends even though she later said she “wasn’t ready” for another relationship. 

2. Brandi Cyrus

According to US Weekly, Brandi Cyrus gave a statement to the DJ exclusively that “[I’m] single and ready to mingle! Very single, but you know, very happy,” “I’m busy and I don’t really have time to date, but I’m open to it if you know, somebody [is] hot, tall, available [and] nice but also [has] bad boy vibes.” 

Cyrus said, “Oh, my God, it’s trash,” when asked if she would go to Raya in search of The One. Cyrus told US Weekly that she is “nostalgic” and would truly “want to meet someone in person,” despite making hints that she has a Raya profile.

3. Emma Hernan

Affleck contacted Emma Hernan via the app, as she disclosed in the Selling Sunset season 5 episode.

“He may or may not have asked to grab … coffee a few times,” she said, It was confirmed, before Affleck’s reconnection with Jennifer Lopez in the spring 2021. “We have the Boston connection. It was very sweet.”

4. Meghan King

The former Real Housewives of Orange Country star said in an interview with Brides in October 2021 that she met her husband-to-be Cuffe Ownes one month ago through a dating app. Days later, she replied to an Instagram fan that they had found each other on Raya.

5. Olivia Rodrigo

The “Good 4 U” singer admitted that she started using the dating app to meet The One, but her search failed in the September 2021 issue of GQ. She said, “I had Raya for a second, and it was so horrible. she explained. “Like, I could not.”

6. Lena Dunham

The Girls creator Lena Dunham said that she was using the dating app for a period of time in June 2021. She Tweeted Let’s have a contest for who lasted the shortest amount of time on Raya. I’ll go first, twenty minutes and one creative director of a watch company long!

7. Chet Hanks

According to US Weekly, on April 23 the Empire Star Chet Hanks, who is the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, was active on the dating app in the spring of 2020.

8. Demi Lovato

The singer of “Anyone” has frequently joined Raya while single. After her breakup from Valderrama, she revealed that she uses the app in her documentary, Simply Complicated. She revealed to Harper’s Bazaar in April 2020 that she had once deleted the app while she was in a relationship, but that she had been denied when she tried to get it back.

9. Channing Tatum

According to US Weekly magazine, The Magic Mike Channing tatum joined the dating app after his breakup from Jessie J in November 2019. According to one source, the Step Up actor’s biography states, “And sure, I used to be a stripper.”

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