In a new behind-the-scenes video from his messy feud with Kanye West, Pete Davidson made light of the fact that he wanted to leave Earth and live in space to avoid his “personal life.”

News of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s breakup in August came to light after nine months of dating.

A relationship between the two was reportedly too “tough” to maintain because of their “demanding schedules” and “far distance dynamic.”

However, a friend of Pete’s, Johnny Potenza, has subsequently alleged that Pete was the one who started the breakup, claiming that Kim’s problematic relationship with her ex-husband, Kanye West, proved to be too much “baggage.” Neither party has publicly mentioned the divorce as of yet.

Earlier this year, Kanye, or Ye, spent months criticising both Kim and Pete on Instagram, but he ultimately focused most of his criticism on the comedian.

Kim Kardashian famously begged Ye to quit endangering Pete’s safety after Ye urged his followers to ” shout ” at the comic if they saw him in public. Before portraying Pete’s captivity and beheading in a cartoonish manner in a music video, he also threatened Pete with a number of sharp lyrics.

Viewers of Hulu’s The Kardashians have long wondered whether or not Pete will appear this season, all of which was shot when he and Kim were dating, given that he was involved in such a messy battle with Ye and that he and Kim split up months later.

Fans got their first look at Pete Davidson this season in this week’s episode, which aired last night, albeit over the phone.

Kim, her sister Khloé, mother Kris, and grandmother MJ convene for a long overdue “gossip” to start things off.

Then, in a flash of honesty, Kim admits that she and Pete had sex in front of a fireplace in “honour” of her grandma. That’s very natural, I know!

You know what’s crazy, right? Kim informs her household. “Pete and I spent hours chatting in front of the fireplace while staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel last weekend.”

Kim remembers saying, “My grandma told me that you really live life when you have sex in front of the fireplace.” She continues, “And so, we had sex in front of the fireplace, in honour of you. I know that’s incredibly disturbing.”

Speaking of Pete, Kim continues, “I have to tell you all something.” Family members think they have engaged right away, and Khloé even cautions Kim that she just “just got divorced.”

Unfortunately, Kim explains that she and Pete “were not” engaged and that their major news was that he was going to space.

Kim exclaims, “I’m so happy he’s going to space. “Jeff Bezos is sending him to space,” someone said. Pete was scheduled to travel on the Blue Origin mission with the other six astronauts at the time.

Pete then joins the discussion to offer his opinion on the situation as a whole.

Kim answers his call and says, “Space boy,” before putting him on speaker for the entire group.

“My mom, my grandmother, and Khloé are with me. Kim confesses to Pete, “I miss you too. My grandma says she misses you.

You’re heading to space, then? Asks Kris. Pete declares, “I’m going to space,” before making a joke about how it’s “concerning” that Jeff isn’t accompanying him.

When asked if he is “nervous” about the trip, Pete replies, “Nah, to be perfectly honest, my personal life is scarier.”

He then jokes, “I think I’m going to remain up there, sweetie,” as he continues, “I can’t wait to get the fuck away from everyone.”

Pete doesn’t mention anyone by name, but it appears that he is alluding to the vicious criticism Ye was at the time levelling at him on Instagram.

It’s interesting to note that Pete had opened and promptly deleted an Instagram account around the time this episode seems to have been shot, and his first post had received a barrage of critical comments from Ye’s admirers.

In response to a picture that the comedian published, several users wrote “Skete,” the moniker Ye created for Pete, before advising him to “find God.”

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