When I was a kid, I loved getting to spend time in the workshop constructing my own Valentine’s Day card boxes. I’ve always been a bit of a DIY weirdo, but Valentine’s Day has always been my chance to really let my freak flag fly!

My mother would join in on my valentine’s box brainstorming and help me come up with clever concepts; she’d then go out and get the necessary materials (or scrounge them from the recycling bin) for me to put those concepts into action.

For Valentine’s Day, my mom always made us each a special mailbox out of a recycled cereal box or shipping container and a few other store-bought items.

Naturally, she would come up with the best ideas, and we would put them into action. This was one of the occasions when my three older brothers and I would cooperate. Each and every one of us had a blast creating our boxes.

Ideas for Valentine’s boxes

I have some fantastic suggestions for you if you’re searching for some creative Valentine’s Day box ideas for your little ones. Although they appear elegant, they can be made using many common household items, including recyclables. They also take little time to assemble.

Because what we all want is a project that 1) is enjoyable to make, and 2) has the best possible appearance with the least amount of work. Maybe not always, but at least for young toddlers who have short attention spans!

Suitable Surfaces

These inventive Valentine’s Day boxes may be made from just about anything! I advise preserving as much paper from the recycling bin as you can, including cereal boxes, shoe boxes, mailing boxes, oatmeal containers, magazine holders, paper plates, and so on.

It’s entertaining to consider a container’s shape and imagine what it might be. I enjoy doing this with many kinds of crafts, but this kind of holiday craft is particularly enjoyable.

Use of Paint

I suggest the Apple Barrel brand for these projects (the ones that need paint). Its water-based, acrylic, and American-made construction are the causes. It’s kid-friendly and simple to clean up. It’s also affordable!

Your kids will love these homemade Valentine’s Day boxes. Probably including you as well. I won’t hold it against you if you make one to bring to work and leave on your desk. Look at the suggestions below!

Valentine’s Day Boxes

Get Valentine’s Day box ideas that both kids and adults are going to love to make!

Perfect for the classroom

cute valentine boxes

This beautiful princess castle Valentine’s Day box will be the highlight of the party! You can make this one with a box, toilet paper rolls, and paint.

DIY Unicorn Valentine’s Box with Duck Tape

cute valentine boxes

Learn how to make a very unique unicorn valentines box with Duck Tape! Grab a shoebox and the free patterns – kids will love to make this!

Heart Pepperoni Pizza

cute valentine boxes

This unique Valentine’s Day box will surely make everyone’s mouth water! I think the heart pepperonis are super cute.

Llama Valentine Box DIY

cute valentine boxes

This quirky llama DIY Valentine box idea will be the talk of your child’s classroom! Grab an oatmeal container, some pom poms, and cotton balls. It’s super cute and takes no time at all to make.

Panda Bear

cute valentine boxes

This one is made from a cereal box and paper plates! You can make the feet and eye circles with either wood pieces or with craft foam.

Do you ever use craft foam? I love it but don’t use it enough! Also – the pipe cleaner bamboo is just about as cute as it gets.

Create a Happy Camper Valentine Card Box

cute valentine boxes

Do you have an obsession with campers? Who doesn’t? They are just so darling. Learn how to turn cardboard and paint into this cute little caravan for collecting valentines.

Pugs & Kisses Dog Valentine Box (in Minutes!)

cute valentine boxes

It’s so easy to make this “pugs and kisses” valentine box! So sweet for either boys or girls and great for the classroom. Plus you get to use googly eyes!

Easy Monster Valentine Box

cute valentine boxes

Need a valentine box for your child’s classroom exchange, but want it to be cute . . . but more importantly, want it to be easy? This monster Valentine’s box is exactly what you are looking for!

DIY Gnome Valentine Box

cute valentine boxes

This little loving gnome is whimsical and fun and the perfect way for kids to collect their classroom valentines from friends at school!

Sloth Valentine Card Box

cute valentine boxes

Can you wrap a cereal box in crepe paper? Then you are halfway to making the coolest sloth card box for your kids’ classroom. I mean it’s so easy – they could probably make it themselves.

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