We applaud your efforts if you are someone who shops for Valentine’s Day early. Join the group if you fall more into the “Wait, Valentine’s Day is next week?” category. You still have time to score big, whether you’re looking for the ideal gift for a dear friend or a subtle surprise for your new love. All of the items on this list are either immediately available for pickup at a nearby brick-and-mortar location across the country or can be shipped in under two days via Amazon Prime or expedited delivery. Justice for all presents, even those that were last-minute purchases.

Flower Power

last minute valentine day gifts

We suggest our top selection, The Bouqs Company if your significant other is a traditionalist or a botanist but you’re scared to take a chance with online flower delivery. The Bouqs Company successfully delivered vivid, long-lasting, and better-than-the-photo flowers to both coasts during our most recent trial. In contrast to other providers, its bouquets appear better in person than in online photographs, and the medium-sized bouquet seen above was quite bountiful. You don’t have to plan these flowers weeks in advance, either: Simply select “Next Day” as your delivery speed to find a large selection of consistently lovely bouquets that will arrive when promised.

A Giant Kiss

last minute valentine day gifts

Let’s imagine that you are reading this tutorial on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Nothing is more cheeky than slipping out to Walmart or Target to get up a Giant Hershey’s Kiss before your shame spiral takes over. The hollow 12-ounce smooch, which stands 7 inches tall and weighs 12 ounces, carries a funnier visual punch. If you have a choice, we choose the 3-inch, 7-ounce, solid milk chocolate. Both are made of tempered, traditional Hershey’s chocolate, which, despite not being as complex as our preferred boxed chocolates, is strangely improved by their exaggerated, Jeff Koons dimensions.

A Cozy Robe

last minute valentine day gifts

Everyone could use a stylish and comfortable robe to curl up in at home when wearing heavy clothing seems like a “nope,” and Natori’s Shangri-La is our pick for something airy. The kimono-style neck lies flat and smooth, and the inseam pockets do not pucker on the hips. Its light, slinky fabric feels wonderful against the skin and looks excellent on a variety of body types. To fit everyone on your list, it even comes in a dozen lovely color variations.

Superlative Streaming

last minute valentine day gifts

The next film frontier that a movie enthusiast should explore is the artistic MUBI if they have previously exhausted their regular streaming suspects (Criterion Channel, Netflix, and so on). The service includes titles that your recipient is unlikely to have seen before, as well as independent and foreign classics (such as Nights of Cabiria, Pierrot le Fou, and But I’m a Cheerleader). The movies are also organized into highly specialized categories, such as animated films from Hungary and films about cinema.

Cook up A Storm

last minute valentine day gifts

The recipes and advice in NYT Cooking are helpful for both novice and experienced home cooks, and they’ll help the chef you love to break out of their weekly soup rut. With supper suggestions like Cast-Iron Steak and Marcella Hazan’s Bolognese Sauce and heavenly desserts like Flourless Chocolate Cake or Chocolate Shortbread Hearts, the Valentine’s Day recipe collection is extremely creative. On the Recipe Box page, which is arranged by kind of meal or cuisine, the app also makes it simple to save and instantly access favorite recipes.

Pop Secret

last minute valentine day gifts

Although there is no wrong way to eat popcorn, if your special someone has been microwaving uninspired premade packages, a dedicated popcorn bowl that they can use with their own kernels and flavor is a terrific upgrade. This silicone bowl is a favorite among the popping techniques we’ve explored. It’s dishwasher-safe and collapses to a size of approximately 2 inches for convenient storage. And it only takes about two minutes to pop up a bowl of the good stuff.

Instant Snaps

last minute valentine day gifts

An instant camera has a certain allure; it’s more enjoyable to use (and to view the results of) than the camera on a smartphone, and it eliminates the customary pressure of repeatedly shooting pictures until everything is just right. If your significant other shares this sentiment, they could enjoy the Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6, which is our preferred instant camera. It is simple to operate and, in our tests, provided photographs of higher quality than other cameras we used. This camera differs from traditional instant cameras in that it also has modern capabilities including macro, landscape, and double-exposure settings. Additionally, you may select from a number of flash filter colors to add some flair to those party photos that are bringing back memories.

Pump the Jams

last minute valentine day gifts

Get your partner the UE Wonderboom 3, our favorite portable Bluetooth speaker, if they enjoy singing along to music in the shower or while listening to it outside. It can resist a 5-foot drop, has a clear, full sound, is waterproof (in case that shower karaoke session gets out of hand), and fits in almost any bag.

Diy Candygram

last minute valentine day gifts

Sending a customized candy gift box to Sugarwish eCard is a terrific solution if you’re not really sure what kinds of sweets your sweetie enjoys. With it, the recipient of your gift can choose their preferred items online, whether they want Sour Patch Kids, Jelly Belly divided up by taste, or more unusual choices like Banana Heads (though if that last one is their favorite, we’d recommend rethinking the relationship). Choose your delivery mode (email or “message,” which includes text and social media) and box size for your eCard. On a day of your choice, the eCard and a redeemable code will then arrive to make it extra special for everyone.

Mean Mugging

last minute valentine day gifts

Whether your loved one drives across town or shuffles across the flat to work from the couch, the Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug is the ideal travel mug for keeping their drink hot and preventing leaks. Even after eight hours in the hostile environment of a freezer, over the course of four years of testing, the Zojirushi consistently kept beverages hotter than the competitors. As a result, when your present recipient gets to work or finds their morning beverage in the kitchen after leaving it there for several hours, it will still be steaming hot. In either case, they won’t ever experience the letdown of a weak sip.

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