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Exfoliants SCRUBS
Foofaraw ADO
Cookout chuckouts COBS
Thickener used in desserts AGAR
Like favorite radio stations, perhaps PRESET
Calico calls MEWS
Memo starter INRE
N.F.L. Hall-of-Famer Yale ___ LARY
Backpacker’s snack OATBAR
Big huff? PANT
Have an outsize presence LOOMLARGE
“I didn’t need to know that!” TMI
What a net might attach to RIM
Flying Cloud of old autodom REO
Jazz clarinetist Shaw ARTIE
Soaring shot LOB
Some Six Nations members SENECAS
*Mount Everest scaler EDMUNDH
*Went out of control RANR
A.M.A. members: Abbr. DRS
Marketing experiment comparing two variants ABTEST
Some red marks ACNE
Big lugs GALOOTS
Say “Whomever did this ?,” say ERR
Alice who wrote “The Color Purple” WALKER
Org. with a sizable registry AKC
Yellow jacket, for one WASP
Syrup brand since 1902 KARO
Word before Roger or Rancher JOLLY
To a profound degree DEEPLY
*”Cinderella” meanie EVILS
Field trip conveyances BUSES
Middle van Pelt child in “Peanuts” LINUS
Use Tinder, say SWIPE
Big exporter of pistachios IRAN
Features of some bygone muscle cars TTOPS
Give an elbow bump to, say GREET
Free of fizz FLAT
*Lateral-breaking pitches BACKDOORS
Maker of the world’s first quartz watch SEIKO
Javanese dyeing technique BATIK
Potala Palace city LHASA
One of seven represented in the Pleiades SISTER
*Glide down from above PARAC
Sleigh driver’s need REIN
Sound of an ungraceful landing STUD
___ card SIM
Fashion house whose logo is two interlocking C’s CHANEL
Like the Carolina Reaper pepper HOT
Visionary DREAMER
Title for Baltimore LORD
Crow language family SIOUAN
Sounds of hesitation ERS
On pins and needles ANTSY
Homebrewer’s sugar MALTOSE
Cartoonish villains NASTIES
“Little ol’ me?” MOI
Woodard of “Clemency” ALFRE
Article in Aachen EIN
“Where ignorance is bliss, ___ folly to be wise”: Thomas Gray TIS
“Eh ? I’ll pass” NAH
It’s a banger in Germany BRATWURST
*Portrayer of Scrooge in 1951’s “A Christmas Carol” ALAS
Surgical seam SUTURE
Unagi and anago, for two EELS
What parallel lines never do MEET
It beats scissors ROCK
Passionate HEATED
Secretary, e.g. DESK
___ Noël PERE
Place to wallow STY
Butterfly garden bloomers ASTERS


Improvised comment
Places SPOTS
“Mad Money” host Jim CRAMER
Eye part with rods and cones RETINA
Kind of port USB
Boot camp exercises performed on all fours BEARCRAWLS
Narrow groove STRIA
One for the roadie AMP
Most beloved DEAREST
Dominated, informally/td> OWNED
Pico de gallo herb CILANTRO
Not yet in stock ONORDER
Soup bases BROTHS
Highway heavyweight SEMI
___ mode ALA
Like toum or agliata sauce GARLICKY
Forest between Champagne and Lorraine ARGONNE
Cousin of kvass RYEBEER
Plant pore STOMA
“___ Miz” LES
Early computer acronym MSDOS
O.E.D. part: Abbr. ENG
Some rideshares UBERS
They may be hidden behind paintings WALLSAFES
Knot-tying and lashing, to a sailor ROPEWORK
Like some short tennis matches TWOSET
Install, as sod LAY
Record player annoyances SKIPS
Actor Guinness ALEC
“Colette” actress Knightley KEIRA
Comedian Wyatt of “Problem Areas” CENAC
Porter, for one ALE
Derby cocktail JULEP
Bad Brains and Bikini Kill, for two PUNKBANDS
Muckety-mucks VIPS
Colorful bird named for its diet BEEEATER
Not easily moved STOIC
Ocho menos cinco TRES
Buttonholes, basically SLITS
Actor/activist George TAKEI
Seattle’s W.N.B.A. team STORM
Absolutely wrecks TOTALS
Reason to do a “stupid human trick” DARE
Tangential topics SIDEISSUES
Allow to access LETAT
“I am,” in Latin SUM
Incomplete dentures PARTIALS
Ball game that all players might lose ROULETTE
Place to wear muck boots CLAMBED
One roasted or toasted HONOREE
More raspy HOARSER
Dramatize, as a historical event REENACT
Teller, maybe RAT
“That time is fine for me” IMFREE
Lack of musicality NOEAR
Teeny-tiny MINUTE
Word after ring or water BEARER
Side-to-side movement YAW
Pastoral skyline features SILOS
Tyler of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” AISHA
Places for hoses and hoes SHEDS
Oatmeal glob LUMP
Judgy sound TSK
Jupiter’s realm, in myth SKY
Pic on a pec, say TAT

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