Below is the complete solution for the crossword puzzle for August 22, 2023. Here we’ll help you all to solve the given puzzles easily with a moderate difficulty level. Wherever you get stuck you are always allowed to know more with the help of the given hints and find the correct possible answer. If you want to challenge your brain, then you should definitely try solving these puzzles which are published every day on our website.


1860s presidential nickname ABE
Montreal’s rapid transit system METRO
Disadvantage CON
Côte d’___ (French Riviera) AZUR
Sign in a gift shop around Mother’s Day, maybe FORHER
Like 2023, but not 2022 ODD
Royalties from Stevie’s “Superstition”? WONDERBREAD
Vega’s constellation LYRA
Super-skinny ties BOLOS
Royalties from Neil’s “Heart of Gold”? YOUNGBUCKS
Indonesian resort destination BALI
More metallic-sounding TINNIER
Prevents from escaping SEALSIN
Chicago trains ELS
Kind of diagram VENN
Light bulb units WATTS
Royalties from Tom’s “Free Fallin’”? PETTYCASH
Colorado city known for skiing ASPEN
“___: Legacy” (2010 sci-fi movie) TRON
Whopping BIG
Gives a hand of cards DEALSTO
Utter foolishness INANITY
Life ___ (flotation device) VEST
Royalties from Barry’s “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe”? WHITEPAPER
QB’s mistake: Abbr. INT
Garlic mayo spread AIOLI
Lively dance at a Jewish wedding HORA
Royalties for any musician? SOUNDCHECKS
Back muscle, informally LAT
Fidelity alternative, for investors ETRADE
Innocent sort NAIF
Gobbled ATE
Slowly leaks SEEPS
“Being ___: A Puppeteer’s Journey” (2011 documentary) ELMO
Color of 64-Across RED


One who might light altar candles in a religious ceremony ACOLYTE
Hydrating skin product BODYOIL
Evasive strategies on the football field ENDRUNS
Uncooked RAW
Emmy-winning actress Aduba UZO
Tanned and then some SUNBURNT
Urgent care pro ERDOC
Crowds of rowdies MOBS
Goof ERR
Whence dawn breaks THEEAST
Illuminated from behind REARLIT
Appoints as a minister ORDAINS
Slushy summer drink portmanteau FROSE
Fraternal order named for an animal ELKS
Journalist Curry ANN
Starting assumptions GIVENS
Borscht ingredient BEET
Not much to write home about BLAH
“Oh, dang!” AWSNAP
W.S.J. competitor NYP
Attack, as with snowballs PELT
Kind of thinking CRITICAL
First-class AONE
Provides mentorship ADVISES
What an asterisk might mean SEENOTE
Land for grazing PASTURE
Go over again ITERATE
Danced like Elvis GYRATED
Doubly TWICE
“Pick me! Pick me!” OHOH
Slangy turndown NAH
“The L Word” co-creator ___ Chaiken ILENE
Contributes ADDS
Midday refresher NAP
Korea’s ___ Jong Un KIM
Bay Area airport code SFO

Clues are given in order to help you all solve the given crossword puzzles easily in a very less amount of time. Do make sure to give it a try and challenge yourself as these puzzles are really fun to solve which will create a kind of brainstorming session for you. The hints are there to help you and the difficulty level is moderate so you don’t need to worry. Bookmark our website for more such crossword puzzles which are published every day along with the answers of the previous crossword puzzles.

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