Below is the complete solution for the Crossword Puzzle for August 11, 2023. Here we’ll help you all to solve the given puzzles easily with a moderate difficulty level. Wherever you get stuck you are always allowed to know more with the help of the given hints and find the correct possible answer. If you want to challenge your brain, then you should definitely try solving these puzzles which are published every day on our website.


Activation phrase for many smart devices OKGOOGLE
Music genre for Lorde and Lana Del Rey ALTPOP
Certain dealer’s bailiwick CARSALES
What many sentences end with PAROLE
Hyperbole from someone who’s dreaming big THESKYSTHELIMIT
Brown ___ ALE
Veep between Hubert and Gerald SPIRO
Too good for ABOVE
“Dang it!” NUTS
Handled things outside? HOES
Ibis or egret WADER
Entered a state of détente, say EASED
Some gear for lepidopterists NETS
Play on repeat LOOP
“___ or Go to the League,” 2019 hit album for 2 Chainz RAP
Contents of some bags in boxes TEAS
Coastal water feature RIA
Sole employee? COBBLER
Continental, e.g. LINCOLN
Dr. of 31-Across DRE
Took out ICED
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, e.g. DUO
Have nowhere to go but down PEAK
Places where masks are seen indoors SPAS
Name of three czars of Bulgaria BORIS
Doone of fiction LORNA
All in favor AYES
It goes on and on and on SAGA
Needs some icing, say ACHES
Deprive of threads? STRIP
Horned one south of the Horn of Africa GNU
“Trust me, this is the right call” YOUWONTREGRETIT
One of eight in a B-52 ENGINE
Think outside the box INNOVATE
Fodder for a literature test PASSAGES


White Russian ingredient KAHLUA
Opens the door for, may be GREETS
C.I.A’s predecessor OSS
London’s ___ Park, near Epsom Downs OAKS
Pictograph GLYPH
Sore Spot LESION
Locale in Belmar, N.J., that lent its name to a noted roll-‘n’-roll band ESTREET
1980s-90’s drama that won 15 Emmys LALAW
Like much land in Oklahoma TRIBAL
Tomato-and-basil pasta sauce POMODORO
Pasta sauce ingredient OLIVEOIL
Movie featuring the song “You can Fly! You can Fly! You can Fly!” PETERPAN
Traveler’s stopover HOSTEL
Neighbor of a Kosovar SERB
Who painted “Dream caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening DALI
Aforementioned SAID
Upper-Body workout target, informally PECS
Rebuff SNUB
Turner once big in the music industry CDPLAYER
Cookie-flavored ice cream treat OREOCONE
Hearty hellos BEARHUGS
Sweet sounds in a nursery COOS
Travel that doesn’t require a hotel reservation DAYTRIP
“Told ya!” KNEWIT
Star close to Venus? SERENA
Set off IGNITE
Causes to sizzle, say SAUTES
Together ASONE
Classic M. Night Shyamalan film with the tagline “It’s not like they didn’t warn us” SIGNS
All in favor PROS
World Cup team from Holland, on scoreboards NED
Actress Longoria EVA

Clues are given in order to help you all solve the given crossword puzzles easily in a very less amount of time. Do make sure to give it a try and challenge yourself as these puzzles are really fun to solve which will create a kind of brainstorming session for you. The hints are there to help you and the difficulty level is moderate so you don’t need to worry. Bookmark our website for more such crossword puzzles which are published every day along with the answers of the previous crossword puzzles.

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