Rough Diamonds Season 2, the intense Belgian crime thriller, has captivated viewers with its gripping narrative and exploration of the intricate world of the diamond trade.

rough diamonds season 2

As fans eagerly anticipate the continuation of the series, this article provides all the relevant details about Rough Diamonds Season 2, including its release date and what we can expect from the new season.

Rough Diamonds Season 2: Renewal Confirmation and Release Date:

After the success of the first season, fans were delighted to learn that Rough Diamonds has been renewed for Season 2. The latest show premiered on April 21, 2023, on Netflix, and the release date for the second season has been confirmed for a later date. Unfortunately, the precise release date for Rough Diamonds Season 2 has not been officially announced at the time of writing this article.

rough diamonds season 2

Rough Diamonds Season 2: Plot and Storyline:

Rough Diamonds delves into the dark underbelly of the diamond trade, highlighting the conspiracies, conflicts, and power struggles within the industry. The series follows the life of Lucas Delacroix, a former diamond cutter turned diamond dealer, as he navigates through various challenges and dangers.

rough diamonds season 2

Season 1 introduced us to the complex characters and their intricate relationships, leaving viewers eager to see the consequences and developments unfold in Season 2.

Rough Diamonds Season 2: Cast and Characters:

Rough Diamonds Season 2 is set to bring back the talented ensemble cast that brought the characters to life in the previous season. While there haven’t been any official announcements regarding the addition of new cast members, fans can expect to see the return of familiar faces such as:

  • Lucas Delacroix: The central protagonist, is a former diamond cutter who becomes involved in the diamond trade.
  • Isabella Moretti: A skilled diamond dealer and Lucas’ love interest.
  • Victor Leblanc: A powerful figure in the diamond industry with a complex agenda.

Rough Diamonds Season 2: Production and Direction:

rough diamonds season 2

The production quality of Rough Diamonds has been praised for its captivating visuals and immersive storytelling. While specific details about the production of Season 2 remain undisclosed, fans can expect the continuation of the series’ high production values. The direction of the show has been skillfully helmed by Rotem Shamir and Yuval Yefet, who have successfully created a tense and suspenseful atmosphere throughout the first season.

Rough Diamonds Season 2: Anticipated Storylines and Themes:

As Rough Diamonds Season 2 continues its exploration of the diamond trade, fans can anticipate further revelations, twists, and turns.

rough diamonds season 2

The second season is expected to delve deeper into the characters’ motivations and bring forth new challenges that will test their loyalties and relationships. Themes of greed, power, and redemption are likely to remain prominent as the series progresses.

Rough Diamonds Season 2: Critical and Audience Reception:

Rough Diamonds has garnered positive reviews from both critics and audiences alike. The series’ intriguing storyline, solid performances, and immersive atmosphere have been praised for keeping viewers engaged throughout the first season.

rough diamonds season 2

With the anticipation surrounding Season 2, it is expected that the show will continue to captivate its audience with its thrilling plotlines and character development.


While we await the highly anticipated release of Rough Diamonds Season 2, fans of the series can revel in the knowledge that the show has been renewed. Despite the lack of an announced release date, the success of the first season and the ongoing excitement for the show’s continuation reflect the anticipation for what promises to be another intense and dramatic season in the world of the diamond trade.

rough diamonds season 2

Keep an eye out for official announcements regarding the release date of Rough Diamonds Season 2, as it is sure to bring more dark secrets, thrilling twists, and gripping storytelling to the screen.

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