Illustrator Seb McKinnon is a freelancer from Canada. He created numerous card illustrations for the trading card game Magic: The Gathering.

Early Life, Education, and Family

Seb McKinnon was raised in a creative family with four younger siblings in Montreal, Quebec, where he was born. He went to Dawson College and graduated with a degree in illustration.

Mtg and The Anti-Vaccine Controversy as The Trucker Freedom Convoy Rises:

Seb McKinnon’s decision to travel to Ottawa with his family in order to support the convoy of Trucker Freedom has caused some of his fans to question whether McKinnon is walking down the right path or if he is leading people away from the right path.

The post-pandemic period has seen many anti-vax controversies, and now another controversy has developed since the post-pandemic period. Some others have also asserted that he misunderstands the concept of vaccination.

Social media is also flooded with posts alleging that Seb McKinnon and other anti-vaxxers are endangering the lives of innocent people by leading them in the direction of anti-vaccination.

seb mckinnon controversy

At the moment, it’s hanging in the balance as some of the general public are supporting Seb McKinnon while others are opposing him.

Since he announced that he is travelling to Ottawa with his family to support the Anti-vax Trucker freedom Convoy in Canada, his name is appearing in the headlines of the news articles that are devoted to the Tricker Freedom Convoy.

The MGT artist claimed on social media that authorities and the media are attempting to portray this as anti-vax and racist, but don’t believe them and stay away from their footprints.

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On social media, particularly on Twitter, where the debate over the benefits and risks of the vaccine is raging, there is a battle of words going on.

Many people have lost their temper because they believe that the rally’s purpose is to endanger people’s lives. McKinnon attended as well and reaffirmed his full support for anti-vaxxers.

seb mckinnon controversy

To understand more about his prior accomplishments and occupation, read the next section. He also worked on the Magic: The Gathering Cards and is a musician, filmmaker, and freelance illustrator. H is a Canadian who was raised in the same household as his four younger brothers and is from Montreal, Quebec. At Dawson College, he discovered illustration and completed his graduate degree.

Along with his brother Ben, he co-founded the Five Knights Productions, a studio for motion pictures. Kin won the Best Cinematography prize at the Montreal Fantasia Film Festival in 2013.


Wizards of the Coast hired McKinnon for the first time in 2012 to create an illustration for a card in the Magic 2013 core set. Since then, he has created the artwork for more than 100 Magic: The Gathering cards. He is known in the Magic community for his melancholy, dreamlike compositions.

In addition to his illustration work, McKinnon co-founded Five Knights Productions with his brother Ben. They released Kin in 2013, a short film that went on to win Best Cinematography prizes at the Cyprus International Film Festival and the Montreal Fantasia Film Festival.

seb mckinnon controversy

Salvage and Requiem, two additional short films set in the same Kin Fables universe, were finished by the two McKinnon brothers in 2015. Seb and his other brother Liam began work on Kin Fables: The Stolen Child, a Kin Fables feature film, in Ben’s memory after Ben passed away in 2016.

Seb has successfully completed two Kickstarter campaigns to raise money for The Stolen Child, rewarding supporters with playmats showcasing his Magic: The Gathering artwork.

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Early in 2022, McKinnon came under fire for unreservedly supporting a gathering in Canada against the vaccination requirement whose organisers had ties to white nationalism. Wizards of the Coast hasn’t made a public statement about the situation yet.

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