After being labeled a “transphobic” for performing alongside Dave Chappelle, John Mulaney is suffering backlash on social media.

Chappelle, who has previously been accused of being transphobic, reportedly uttered “transphobic” and “homophobic” jokes as part of his routine.

Mulaney, a former Saturday Night Live writer with a sizable internet following, has been drawn into the debate as fans wonder why he let Chappelle open for him.

After Chappelle appeared as a surprise guest at Mulaney’s From a Scratch stand-up concert in Columbus, Ohio, on Friday, audience members expressed their displeasure online.

John Mulaney Controversy

@boobeoisie shared their experience at the show and remembered what Chappelle said onstage in a six-tweet sequence.

“Tell me why I just went to see John Mulaney and Dave Chappelle was a surprise opener and delivered not only a transphobic joke but also a homophobic joke,” they wrote. “He made a joke about being attacked by a homeless man who he mistook for a trans man at first.”

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“Then he made a joke about two 17-year-olds in the audience masturbating and then labeled them gay,” @boobeoisie added. They also claimed that a few individuals booed Chappelle for the “transphobic” remark, but that the bulk of the audience “cheered and laughed.”

Chappelle “told a series of transphobic jokes” and then “hugged him at the end,” according to Twitter user @testosteronejew. “12,000 people laugh at a transphobic joke, while you’re a trans person in the crowd who didn’t know the transphobic comedian would make a surprise visit at the John Mulaney show?” commented @raegan givant on Twitter. yeah. was not enjoyable.”

One Twitter user expressed sorrow for buying tickets to an upcoming performance. “I’m very sorry, I bought Durham tickets.” I had no clue you were anti-gay. Surprise! @hexelnutt wrote, “We’re going to sit out the rest of your career, bye.”

John Mulaney Controversy

Another Twitter user who claimed to have been in the audience supported Mulaney and attempted to explain what had happened. “He made one transphobic joke, and it went as follows,” @FillsAnime wrote. “It wasn’t a pistol, it was a knife!” ‘A knife-wielding gun?’ He then paused, smiled briefly, and immediately went on. ” Mulaney appeared visibly uneasy afterward, according to the author of a lengthy Twitter thread.

These statements were not independently verified by Newsweek.

While Chappelle has received a lot of flak in recent years, Mulaney has become a target for his relationship with him.

John Mulaney permitting and even encouraging transphobic jokes on his program is absurd to me,” @guillermothgoth wondered.

“This was difficult, unpleasant, and threatening for some fans,” American writer Jeff Yang tweeted. It doesn’t help that it’s a free bonus.”

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“WOW do I care about him putting transphobes on the stage and forcing them on the queers in his crowd with no notice,” remarked writer Jeanna Kadlec. “You are judged by the company you keep, my guy,” she continued.

John Mulaney Controversy

Zinnia Jones, the creator, and author of the blog Gender Analysis questioned Mulaney. “John Mulaney is hazardous to us for the same reason Dave Chappelle is dangerous to us: he’s given the public a choice between the humorous guy they know who makes them laugh or disposing of trans people as real humans interested in our own humanity,” she said.

“John Mulaney was really daring to make sure no one in the audience could record the concert knowing he was going to bring out Dave Chapped Lips as an anti-trans treat,” author Saeed Jones wrote. Mulaney’s and many other comedians’ shows no longer allow audience members to have their phones out, according to various Twitter users.

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