RESEARCH — Rep. Liz Cheney’s steely and assertive approach during the public hearings of the House select committee on January 6 has established that she is her father’s daughter.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Wyoming Republican is considering running for president, even if only to play a spoiler. As the vice chairperson of the select committee, the eldest daughter of former vice president Dick Cheney has irritated Donald Trump and other Republicans.

She has appealed to Republican voters to reject Trump’s bid for reelection, said that some Republican politicians broke the law on his behalf, and portrayed them as cowardly hypocrites.

Why wouldn’t the political heir to one of America’s most obstinate and divisive dynasties at least think about inserting the anti-Trump warnings from the select committee into the 2024 primary?

She said to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday, “At this time, I haven’t made a decision on 2024. “I’ll decide on 2024 later,” the speaker said.

Her reflection is only a part of her “journey,” according to former Florida GOP Rep. David Jolly, a journey that he and other anti-Trump Republicans have also made in vain.

She is aware of her rightness, but she also exudes Pollyanna-like confidence in her ability to succeed. She will eventually realize that she won’t, in my opinion, Jolly told CQ Roll Call.

To put it mildly, she would be the first if her goal is to advance the Republican Party past Donald Trump while simultaneously undoing the harm he caused to the nation. Others have bravely made minor and significant attempts at doing that. None have been successful.

Jolly, who failed to win reelection in 2016 after refusing to back Trump, said, “The party doesn’t have the taste for it.” “Not only do the percentages not support her being nominated, they are minuscule.”

There are many reasons to believe that Cheney’s objective in running in 2024 would be to keep up the drumbeat started by the Jan. 6 committee that Trump is more menacing than presidential.

“Her chances in the presidential primary are slim. But throughout the campaign, she might make Trump’s life miserable, according to Democratic strategist Brad Bannon. Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, would adore having her debate, Trump.

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The so-called “big tent” of the GOP, according to Republican strategist Whit Ayers, “really consists of three groups: 10% are never Trump, 30% are always Trump, and then there are 60% who are maybe Trump, people who voted twice for Trump but are open to voting for other people in 2024 who carry less baggage.”

The Jan. 6 committee, according to Ayers, who has provided advice to DeSantis, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, and others, “has increased those people in the 60 percent camp.” They are interested in learning about any options that might support some of Trump’s goals while being less divisive.

“Purposeful Decision to Break His Oath”

In order to introduce herself to voters, Cheney has been field-testing a potential primary message during the select committee’s public hearings.

On July 21, at the panel’s second prime-time hearing, Cheney remarked, “Here’s the worst part: Donald Trump understands that millions of Americans who supported him would stand up and protect our nation was it endangered.” And he is taking advantage of their nationalism. He’s taking advantage of their sense of justice.

She said, “And on January 6th, Donald Trump turned their love of nation into a weapon against our Capitol and our Constitution.” A little while later, she urged other GOP voters to disqualify Trump if he decides to run for office again.

“There was no ambiguity, no subtlety – Donald Trump made a willful choice to breach his oath of office, to ignore the continued violence against law officers, and to imperil our constitutional order,” she said of the then-actions president leading up to and after Jan. 6.

liz cheney controversy

There is no way to justify that behavior, she continued, which may very well serve as her mission statement for her improbable 2024 run for the Republican presidential nomination. It couldn’t be defended.

And each and every citizen of the United States should ask themselves this question: “Can a president who is willing to make the decisions Donald Trump did during the violence of January 6th ever again be trusted with any position of authority in our wonderful nation?”

Cheney’s most recent non-denial followed allegations that Trump would prefer to declare his campaign for 2024 prior to the midterm elections in November.

It occurred four days before his first trip to Washington, D.C., since leaving office, which was made several weeks after the select committee alleged that he had incited a mob of irate supporters to “fight like hell” outside the Capitol.

“When I first ran, I prevailed. The next time I ran, I fared considerably better. We received countless millions more votes. Trump said at a meeting held on Tuesday by the America First Policy Institute, a think tank founded by some of his former White House staffers. “We might just have to do it again,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that his ominous comments, in which he described America as a “cesspool of criminality” with blood and carnage running through its streets, were “only the beginning” of his “seeing into the future” in the ensuing “weeks.”

But he also frequently referred to “the next Republican president” at the same address. Such cryptic remarks appear timed to prevent DeSantis, his main competitor, and other prospective 2024 presidential contenders from making major moves toward their own campaigns.

Cheney has made it known that she is done with these Trump antics. Bannon stated that Liz Cheney wanted to pursue Donald Trump all the way to hell.

So even if she has no chance of winning the nomination, she might compete for the GOP presidential nomination to put the icing on Trump’s cake.

“Journey” of Cheney

Democrats generally agree with him that Dick Cheney’s daughter is on a mission. Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the majority whip in the senate, told CQ Roll Call that she “has clearly earned the right to select her own political future.”

More enthusiastically, Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin went so far as to predict, in broad strokes, a day when his party would negotiate legislation with President Cheney.

liz cheney controversy

“First and foremost, I respect her convictions and her capacity to defend what she believes to be right. In a brief interview, the Maryland Democrat said, “We clearly understand that this has been a fundamental issue, and she has put our nation well ahead of her own interests inside the Republican Party, obviously losing her leadership [position] in the House of Representatives.

“We respect the way she leads. We would differ on many policy matters, he said, but I would welcome the Republican Party having options for candidates who have the moral character to serve as president.

“After that, we could discuss policies rather than specific individuals. If the Republicans nominated someone with the moral courage and conviction to serve as president, that would be healthy.

How ironic that Democrats, who criticized the father for a variety of misdeeds, including promoting inflated information prior to the 2003 Iraq War, now view the daughter as a potential savior of the Republican Party—and the American system.

If Liz Cheney ends up being the next Republican contender for president, our politics will have completed a full circle. Democrats’ praise for Cheney demonstrates how Trump has made the impossible a reality.

Cheney is at the beginning of “the road of someone sincerely attempting to lead but having no following,” according to Jolly.

Any Cheney can interpret political subtext. Therefore, analysts argue, her hypothetical campaign wouldn’t be about accepting the party’s nomination in Milwaukee in the summer of 2024.

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According to Bannon, she would try to persuade enough GOP voters that the former president’s attempt to rig the 2020 election made a mockery of conservative adherence to the sanctity of the Constitution.

“In short, Trump is a demagogue without a conservative compass; he is not a true conservative.” Cheney’s conservatism is undeniable; according to CQ vote analysis, she sided with the House leaders of her party about 90% of the time in 2021 and 2022.

That’s a significant additional reason why Cheney might be unable to refrain from joining the conflict: Trump makes the dubious claim that he wants to “rescue America,” but Cheney may legitimately assert that she wants to preserve her father’s political party.

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