Sensational allegations of child abuse, including exposure to pornography, violence, and rituals, have been made by the adoptive son of the controversial rap-rave group Die Antwoord.

Gabriel “Tokkie” du Preez, now 20 years old and homeless in the Vrededorp neighborhood of Johannesburg, where Waddy Jones (Ninja) and Anri du Toit (Yolandi Visser) “picked me up from school” in 2010 when he was 9 years old, has spoken out about his shady upbringing with the international music stars.

They managed to turn me into a true slave. I was taken in by them so that I might serve as a slave. After an explosive 44-minute interview with Die Antwoord’s former videographer and hidden artist, Ben Jay Crossman, was posted on YouTube this week, Du Preez told News24, “They made me feel like I wasn’t truly being loved.”

Scumeck Sabottka from Berlin’s MCT-Agentur, acting on behalf of Die Antwoord, responded to a long series of allegations by saying, “Die Antwoord don’t agree with Tokkie’s comments.”

Since their 2010 breakout onto the worldwide music scene, South African hip-hop group Die Antwoord has signed multimillion-rand record deals by mimicking the so-called Zef lifestyle and culture of poor white neighborhoods like Vrededorp and the numbers gangs of the Cape Flats.

Die Antwoord Controversy

They took in Du Preez and his now 14-year-old sister as foster children and utilized them in several of their hit performances, albums, and videos, including “I Fink U Freeky” and “Ugly Boy.” They also adopted a daughter from a needy family in Johannesburg and paid to utilize their son, then 12 years old, in their ventures.

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Over the course of the past decade, all four kids had lived with Jones and Du Toit in their Cape Town and Johannesburg residences. They took Du Preez in for a few months when he was homeless in Los Angeles, but he eventually returned to South Africa because he missed his own family.

It was the first time a foster child had spoken out against Jones and Du Toit, who had been accused of cultural appropriation for their success in South Africa.

Du Preez, who had hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, told Crossman in a video interview, “They made me believe I was the devil.” Du Preez may be seen on the video when he is around nine or ten years old, threatening to “f*g burn you in hell, I will burn your face on the stove” if anyone comes to Yolandi’s house.

Die Antwoord Controversy

Du Preez sat on a black and white five-liter paint tin in the backyard of the house in Vrededorp, also known as Fietas, that his late mother left behind for his sister, who is now 14 years old, during an interview with News24 on Friday.

This is in stark contrast to the lavish lifestyle of Die Antwoord, who resided in an R26 million mansion in Cape Town.

Du Preez and his brother each occupied one of the home’s bedrooms while the others were rented out. There are a cluster of small, corrugated iron and wooden shacks in the backyard, housing maybe around eight families.

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Die Antwoord Controversy

We generate money by renting out the rooms. So that we can all eat and repair the house, we requested the families to each chip in R400 every month. We had to take out the bathroom in order to accommodate another family, so living conditions are not ideal.

Everybody uses the same outhouse on the stoep.

Du Preez recounted the first few weeks of his time living with Jones and Du Toit at their house in Parkhurst, Johannesburg after they had seen him going home from school and consented to a foster care agreement with his mother.

There was a pool, which was great because my skin condition prevents me from perspiring and necessitated constant hydration with water. They had a pool in the backyard, so that was a plus for me.

A change occurred, however, as the pair allegedly coerced Du Preez into recording films of him cursing and belittling his destitute biological family.

They increased my profanity and convinced me that I rule Hell and can send others there to burn. They told me I had the power to shroud the globe in the night,” he explained.

Jones and Du Toit, according to Du Preez, promised to take care of him, but they were never available because they were constantly on the road. He had an au pair and spent much of his time at home by himself.

Die Antwoord Controversy

When asked about his family, he responded, “It felt like my life was messed up.”

Evidence and testimony verified with Du Preez’s account raised doubts about the couple’s compliance with the law.

Jones and Du Toit also adopted Du Preez’s younger sister through foster care. He claimed that when Die Antwoord purchased them new clothes, the band made them strip naked in front of them. If they didn’t comply, there were consequences.

During a party at a Vrededorp, South Africa, home owned by Die Antwoord, Du Preez claimed he was very concerned when a naked Du Toit begged him to spend time with her in a room. During this moment, he was a young teenager 13.

Yolandi Du Toit invited me into her bedroom as she was vomiting in her underwear. Her legs were spread wide apart, just like the (sex) doll I used to play with as a kid.

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