Weekly Horoscope 22 To 28 August 2022: The last week of August is going to start. At the beginning of this week, the planet Mercury is changing the zodiac.

In such a situation, this week will prove to be good for many zodiac signs. At the same time, people of many zodiac signs need to be a little cautious. Know how your entire week will be spent with Pandit Jagannath Guruji.


This week is going to be very good for you. After getting some good news from siblings, a positive environment can be created around you. If you are looking for a job, then today you can get a good job.


Weekly Horoscope: 22 August to 28 August (Predictions for all zodiac signs)

This week can be challenging for you. You may feel lethargic and unwell, so take special care of yourself. Before taking any important decision, think carefully about it.


This week is important in terms of profit and love life. You can get better results in your work with less effort. You can convert losses into profits with the help of your intelligence and investment can be possible in some big places. Talking about love life, single people can find their partner.


This week you can touch new heights in your career. You can get the full support of your boss or senior partner. You are likely to get new opportunities in the workplace. Job seeker can get a suitable jobs.

Leo Sun Sign

Weekly Horoscope: 22 August to 28 August (Predictions for all zodiac signs)

Luck will be with you this week. You will be able to manage things easily, which will boost your confidence. You may plan to visit some spiritual place.

You can donate some money to religious activities or to someone. Love birds may get some help from family members in the matter of marriage.


This week may be full of difficulties for you. You may have some health-related problems, which may affect your daily routine. Control your anger too, otherwise, your relationship may get spoiled.


Weekly Horoscope: 22 August to 28 August (Predictions for all zodiac signs)

You may get some new orders in your business, which may be profitable in the near future. You can implement some new ideas in the workplace.

You may be busy with your work, it may make you mentally tired. Pay special attention to your domestic life as well.


You will do well in your work. You may be able to complete your stalled projects on time this week. Salaried people can get a new jobs. Natives affected by chronic health problems can get positive news.


Weekly Horoscope: 22 August to 28 August (Predictions for all zodiac signs)

Sagittarius sign people may have to face unavoidable circumstances this week. In such a situation, you should try to maintain yourself in such situations.


You may have to test your patience many times at home and at work. Silly mistakes can hinder you from completing the work. There are possibilities of quarrel in love birds, so resolve it comfortably.


You may be able to complete the stalled project with the help of your employees. Your network can be boosted now, which can help you in your work or social life.

You can plan to go somewhere with friends or siblings. Some disputes with neighbors may get resolved now.


Weekly Horoscope: 22 August to 28 August (Predictions for all zodiac signs)

This week you can get some pleasant news regarding marriage with your lover. You are advised to avoid spending money on useless things.

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