Logan Paul is a contentious YouTuber who has startled, delighted, and terrified millions of viewers. The young Paul, who was born in West Lake, Ohio, in 1995, became well-known through his amusing Vines, such as a joke or prank teen films (via AS).

Vine was a social media video network that was probably more equivalent to Snapchat or TikTok now, for those who don’t remember (or didn’t have their own account).

In October 2013, Paul founded TheOfficialLoganPaul when the platform went down. Paul eventually started a channel just named Logan Paul after engaging in numerous scandals.

After more than 6 billion views, his ability to reinvent himself as well as his aptitude for grabbing social media attention are both obvious.

Logan Paul Controversy

When it comes to online attention, Paul’s work and ideas are incredibly passionately embraced. Some of his biggest scandals still have a life of their own, despite the fact that his image and networks have changed over time.

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The Suicide Forest Video Was Met with Backlash

Wearing a silly hat and uploading the suicide of a family member on YouTube for views and clicks top the list of things that aren’t humorous. In what might have been the biggest error of his career, Logan Paul apparently needed to hear this from someone.

In 2018, Paul visited the Aokigahara forest, sometimes referred to as the “Suicide Forest,” in Mount Fuji, Japan, with his large YouTube following (via Sportskeeda).

There is nothing wrong with going to this woodland or even recording there, as many believers in the paranormal or even curious people have done.

Paul offended millions by filming the body of a man who had just passed away and then sharing his offensive comments about the deceased. conversations such as, “Hey, how are you? Are you with us in this? He has purple hands.

This morning, he did it “were remarks that received much criticism. He lost a lot of sponsorship money on his YouTube channel as a result of the act. In addition, Planeless Pictures sued him for $3.5 million, claiming that this video killed their prospective projects (via NBC).

We’re not really sure what Paul took out from this error. Since then, he hasn’t made a mistake this big, but he also hasn’t avoided the news.

Logan Paul Is a Public Nuisance

Less a single series of events and more a persistent presence, Logan Paul’s behaviour as a public nuisance. Paul has additionally been charged with downplaying actual mental health difficulties, primarily favouring sexual, aggressive, and even racist remarks (via Twitter).

Paul once revealed to followers that he intended to “become gay” for a month (per HuffPost), or he once transformed a model into a human bicycle (via Business Insider).

There are several instances in which Logan Paul has made incredibly racist anti-Asian comments (via NextShark). Remember when Paul exhibited horrific aggression toward dead rats on a YouTube channel geared at young people?

Around his area, bad behaviour has also been reported. To give credit where credit (or reputation) is due, it seems that brother Jake Paul is the worst neighbour, but Logan was a prior occupant of the same apartment who was mentioned in numerous stories of bad behaviour.

Instead of the media attention surrounding specific occurrences, which has more controversy, the biggest scandal is this cumulative series of events.

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Logan Paul Mocks the Boxing World

Logan Paul and his brother Jake essentially opened the road for YouTube stars to enter the boxing world. It’s debatable whether this trail had never been travelled before them. These battles are undoubtedly real, despite the manufactured situations in Paul’s YouTube videos.

The brothers were successful in scheduling KSI and Deji Olatunji, two British YouTubers, to fight in a boxing battle in 2018. (via AS). Logan lost two fights to KSI in majority draws and split decisions, while Jake Paul went on to score some notable knockout victories.

logan paul controversy

Logan did, however, manage to set up an exhibition bout with legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather, who allegedly appreciated the money (via Fox News). For the actual fight, according to boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, “I’m free to express my opinion.

Absolute dog s***, that was it.” In summation, Paul lost the fight, Mayweather is now wealthy, the boxing world is outraged, and the spectators continued to watch.

If prior behaviour is any indicator, Logan Paul’s most recent stunt (or, if you prefer, scandal) won’t be his last. Love him or hate him, he gets the ratings like many reality stars in 2021.

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