A few years ago, Daniel Caesar was one of the biggest names in music. When he originally launched Freudian, Caesar received much more attention than he does now since other artists like Lucky Daye and Giveon are rising to prominence. Allegedly, it all began with Caesar telling his followers on Twitter that he may cancel the show if they didn’t like he’s standing up for an African-American woman who was being accused of being sexually exploited.

The YesJulz controversy

Daniel Caesar Controversy

In 2019, Caesar was widely criticized for backing the controversial social media personality YesJulz, who has been accused of cultural appropriation on a consistent basis. YesJulz was under fire at the time for racially offensive remarks he made about a Black woman.

“Why are we being so cruel to Julz?” Caesar stated it live on Instagram. “Why are we treating white folks with such contempt right now? Yes, that’s a legitimate concern. As a society, we’re allowed to treat others as if they were our enemies, but we’re only punished when they reciprocate our disrespect and rudeness. Those aren’t equal. To be treated as if I am incapable of humor is insulting to me.

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When he was called out in the comments section of a live stream, he redoubled his efforts to defend himself. In the past, “white people have been rude to us, but what are you going to do about it?” he asked. What are you going to do about it??” The only way to move forward is to create, comprehend, and create some more. That chasm needs to be bridged.”

Tweeters took his advice and effectively “canceled him,” causing him to be dragged out for several hours. As he continued, “I think you people are wrong, and I think I’m right.” “You may reschedule me. I’m fine with that.” You don’t have to listen to the music I’m making right now.

What has taken place after

Caesar launched a new album following the incident. He was nominated for a Grammy for “Love Again,” a song he wrote and performed alongside Brandy on the album. However, Case Study 01 as an album was not a commercial success. Aside from the Grammy nomination, Caesar’s public image has suffered greatly among music lovers and listeners.

In an interview with CBC last year, Caesar didn’t seem to regret what he said, but he probably would have done things differently had he had the opportunity.

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This is something that everyone has gone through, so maybe I was simply bewildered,” he added. “Throughout your life, people will say hurtful things about you, and I’ve heard much worse things said about me… And I can’t be furious that other people are mad at me. That’s how things work in the world. If I didn’t have a million Instagram followers, I wouldn’t have been able to say it. The reason why I’m enraged is because of that.”

During an interview, Caesar was asked about the duty he felt as a public figure. “And if I know that people are going to be offended about my thoughts, is it more responsible to not express it??” Or would it be better to express it and face the backlash? So, what’s the proper course of action? All of us are going to be in a bad mood about it. And it gave me a good feeling to know that I was doing the right thing. What’s the point if it’s not worth it? “I don’t know.”

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